New Zealand's first flag

Page 3 – Letter to the editor - social studies activity

In letters to the editor people can express their opinions and views on particular topics of interest. There are normally guidelines given in the letters to the editor page in the newspaper, for instance, about the length of a letter. Have a look at the letters to the editor page to get a feel for how a letter might read. Use this and the material on New Zealand flags to complete the following activities.

1. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper outlining why you believe the concerns of groups like the Returned and Services' Association (RSA) are valid in the debate on whether or not we should change our flag. Make sure your letter is no longer than the word limit specified in your local paper.

2. Now write a second letter in which you argue against the RSA's position. In other words, explain why you believe the time has come for a change.

3. A selection of these letters could be read to the class and or published as part of a class letters to the editor page. 

Alternatively, the same ideas could be explored in a class debate. 

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