Maori leadership

Page 3 – Key personalities activity

Key personalities

Using the feature Maori leadership and the links to the relevant biographies from the Dictionary of New Zealand biography (DNZB), consider the role played by some of those listed below in shaping Maori leadership in the 19th century.

A number of Maori and Pakeha played a significant role in the creation of and reaction to the Kingitanga and Pai Marire. Their attitudes and actions are important in understanding events of this period.

Choose those personalities associated with either the Kingitanga or Pai Marire and for each of the following personalities provide a pen portrait, i.e., a description in words, that examines their role in this story. There are summaries and images of some of these people in the features on the Kingitanga, and there are extensive biographies on all of them in the Dictionary of New Zealand biography, which you can get to from this page.


Use the following template to guide your writing. You can add more information if you want to.

Bullet points can help break up text into manageable bites, as can colour, so consider methods that will help you in understanding and recalling this information.

  • Write down the name of the person.
  • Who was this person in relation to this story? For example, what was this person's position or title? What role did this person play in establishing or opposing the Kingitanga?
  • What actions did this person take to support or oppose the Kingitanga?
  • Why did this person take these actions?

Key personalities (link to essays on the DNZB website):

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