Dominion status activities

Page 3 – Examining primary sources - dominion status

Refer to the media gallery for the feature Dominion status to complete the following activity:

a. According to the New Zealand Gazette

notice declaring dominion status, who was the King at the time of this proclamation?

b. According to this proclamation, on whose request was the decision made to adopt the title ‘dominion’?

c. On what date did the King agree to the switch from colony to dominion?

d. What evidence can you find in this proclamation to suggest that the granting of dominion status meant little in terms of real change for New Zealand? Cite particular words or sentences.

e. According to this proclamation on what date would New Zealand be known as the ‘Dominion of New Zealand’?

f. According to the Dominion Day cartoon, what is the attitude of Canada and Australia to New Zealand being granted dominion status?

g. Does the cartoonist support the decision to grant New Zealand dominion status? Give evidence from the cartoon to support your answer.

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