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Page 5 – Pai Mārire short answer activities

The emergence of Pai Marire 

Using the feature Pai Mārire and your own knowledge and ideas, complete the following activities.

  • What conditions in the early 1860s encouraged the spread of the Hauhau faith?
  • How did Te Ua's religion illustrate Maori agency?
  • What characteristics of Pai Mārire would have been of greatest concern to Europeans?
  • What characteristics of Maori society would have made the spread of Pai Mārire difficult?
  • Why did Pai Mārire stray from its apparently peaceful origins?
  • To what extent did Pai Mārire become a struggle between Maori rather than an assault on European colonialism?
  • Why was Völkner killed in the way he was, and in particular, why did Kereopa think it was necessary to eat his eyes?
  • What motives did kupapa Māori have for fighting Pai Mārire?
  • Looking at the statue to Major Kemp and those who fell at Moutoa, how can memorials like these give a distorted view of events from the past? Use evidence to support your answer.
  • What were some of the longer-term consequences of the battle of Moutoa for Whanganui River iwi?
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