Page 10 – What's the question?

Use the topics in the Disasters category of NZHistory for the following activity ideas. 

This game is based on a popular TV show in many countries called Jeopardy (given the subject matter this title might be seen as a little insensitive).

Students are given the answer and have to determine what the question might be. For instance the answer ‘10 April 1968’ could be ‘on what day did the Wahine sink?’ or ‘weeping waters’ could be ‘What is the Maori meaning of Tangiwai?’ It is a lot of fun and based on the level you teach you can make this as simple or as complex as is necessary.

To avoid students being excluded or missed out, the person who gave the correct question could then ask somebody of their choice who hasn’t yet played until the whole class has a turn. You choose how you want to manage this as you know your class best but it is fun if most are involved in some way. With a younger class or with some who struggle it might be that you as the teacher manage this process a little more with answers that most will be able to find a question for.

Depending on how well your class responds to this or whether you are able to sustain the effort, you could run a points system based on individuals and/or teams and keep it going over a week or term. You could also consider introducing time penalties or rewards based on how quickly a question is given. If this becomes too noisy for your class it can be carried out as a written task although to be fair it is not as much fun. Consider also rotating who reads out the answers as another way of involving all of the class. There are endless possibilities in terms of making this a fun routine in your class.

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