War and remembrance

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What examples can you find of how your community has memorialised those who served and died in overseas wars?

While many communities have what we might describe as the more traditional cenotaph or memorial in stone, others have street names or halls or other public amenities as a tribute. On the NZHistory site you can find a memorials register. This has details and images of New Zealand’s public war memorials and is organised on a regional basis.

1. How does your local community commemorate and acknowledge its citizens who served or died in the First World War?

  • Provide a written description or image of the ways in which these contributions are acknowledged.
  • Can you find the names of ex-pupils on the local memorial or cenotaph?

2. Now think a little more about some of these memorials. You can brainstorm some lines of inquiry or consider the following:

  • the type or nature of the memorial
  • the tone of the inscription – who or what is being honoured?
  • when were they built?
  • what are they made of?
  • how were they paid for?
  • how was the design agreed to or who designed it?
  • is this a ‘thing of remembrance’ or a ‘practical’ memorial
  • can you find records relating to unveilings or openings?
  • what was the importance of the memorial to people at the time of its construction – why was it considered necessary to construct?
  • design and conduct  a survey of people in your town as to what is known about your local memorial(s) and or people’s thoughts about them
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