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If your school was in existence at the time of either of the world wars there is a strong likelihood that those ex-pupils who served in the armed forces have been acknowledged in some way. It might be in the name of a building or a school trophy or award. Perhaps a roll of honour to those who served or were killed while fighting overseas is displayed somewhere in your school.

  • How does your school acknowledge the contribution made by ex-pupils who served in either of the world wars? Provide a written description or image of the ways in which these contributions are acknowledged.
  • What other examples can you find in your school of war commemoration?

If your school has an honours board listing those who served or were killed:

  • Where is it located within the school? How prominent is it?
  • How many ex-pupils from your school served overseas? Were any killed? If so, how many?
  • Think of some questions you could ask your schoolmates about this. For instance, is this something students have noticed before? Did they know what it was? Your class could interview fellow students with these questions.
  • Does the school have photos from its own archives of these ex-students relating to when they were at school?
  • Does your school have any special ceremonies to commemorate the war(s) and those involved?
  • What are some different ways students at your school today could acknowledge and remember those former pupils who lost their lives in war? For example, you could brainstorm some ideas that you could use for a special school assembly or perhaps organise a display.
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