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This brings back memories, Ann 04/05/2012
Hi we used to visit Sr Paul ann 10/05/2019
Leonard ONeill and Bertram Ann Gordon 29/08/2012
I would like to know if a Ann Gordon ( nee ONeill ) 22/08/2012
Lilian Jane Tompkins, nee Ann Campbell 02/11/2011
Annie - probably the second Ann Campbell 02/11/2011
Ellen Vickers Howell Ann Elder nee Donnelly 01/07/2020
This memorial is actually in Ann goulden 11/10/2008
Women's Golf in New Zealand - pre-1900 Ann MacDougall 08/02/2019
I lived in the house on the Ann Mawson 26/11/2020
The hall could soon be up for Ann McEwan 29/01/2016
Tania, I might be able to Ann Portlock 02/08/2012
Just discovering about James Ann relation 10/04/2017
Hi there just wondered please Ann Weatherall. Daughter 26/04/2017
Dick Travis was a local of Ann-Loftee 06/01/2014
hello i've got a pohutukawa anna 12/03/2009
I would like to ask if anyone Anna Cottrell 03/10/2013
Found Bob Cotti's comment, Anna La Roche neeGroote 24/01/2018
Hello, I was so interested to Anna Pither 27/03/2021
@Gordon: Not sure if there is Anne 16/05/2013
@Gordon: Sorry, accidentally Anne 16/05/2013
Quite a bit of information Anne 09/07/2014
I spotted a photo of the Anne 22/04/2014
Just curious about the Anne 05/10/2017
Hi Jamie Anne 07/12/2013
Thanks Jamie- excellent Anne 08/10/2017
Yes, the discrepancy in the Anne 10/12/2013
I came to N.Z as teacher in Anne 26/11/2012
Could you please explain why Anne 30/06/2009
Donnelle we are looking for Anne 16/10/2018
According to the Bayanne Anne Andrews (nee Johnson), granddaughter of Robert (twin) 12/02/2021
Actually Hudson and Emma had Anne Fergusson 01/06/2020
This lady was my great great Anne Gabrielsson 27/03/2015
This is great grandmother, Anne Kendrick 02/12/2018
My father's first cousin Anne Letham 21/06/2020
Hi, i am interested in anne maree 25/04/2009
I'm currently working on a Anne McFadgen 11/11/2015
The Incholme War Memorial at Anne McFadgen 15/06/2016
It's not clear exactly when Anne McFadgen 12/12/2014
This photograph "Two POWs in Anne Morrison-Low 19/06/2010
Andrew Stewart HOUSTON was Anne Stewart Ball 09/08/2012
Keith Gunion GORRIE was the Anne Stewart Ball 17/10/2012
Mary Stuart (nee Pulman) was ANNE STUART 21/09/2018
I am searching for John Lewis Anne taylor 15/05/2017
I believe that this is the Anne Wells 14/06/2017
E.White (sheet 124). Anne Wells 16/06/2017
Mrs Bickerstaff is my great Anne Whitehead 24/09/2018
Marion Lilley (nee Vallance) Anne Whitehead 19/09/2018
Patrick. Crowe was awarded Anne- Marie Hardy 03/11/2018
I was there as a 17 year old. Annette 29/06/2014