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Elizabeth Dale Howell, nee Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
Miss Mary Hurst (c.1833-1908) Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
Jane Jennings, nee Knight (c. Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
Suggest this is McNae, not Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
Elizabeth Kimber - Sheet 214 Adriana de Groot 15/09/2018
Suggest this is Elizabeth Adriana de Groot, Lincoln and Districts Historical Society 04/09/2018
my uncle Eion Chisholm was on Adrienne Chisholm 05/09/2017
Major Morrison is my Maternal Adrienne Curtis 26/12/2013
the absence of the dr./mrs Agerry ellim 11/05/2013
It has been an interesting ailsa hobson 29/01/2011
Further to me original Ainslie 30/05/2009
Thanks for the feedback - Ainslie 29/01/2010
My Uncle (my mothers AJillnonymous 17/02/2010
Bloody good tower this one, al goodwin 01/06/2012
Hello I have a marble mantel Al Haslem 11/08/2009
I know that my wife's father Alan 25/04/2014
My Grand father served on Alan 28/12/2010
Is Koiterangi in the Stanley Alan 09/06/2014
On the 5th November 1959, I Alan (Archie) Dawson Auckland, New Zealand 02/11/2020
I was waiting to board a Alan Beanland 11/03/2014
"Because the technology was Alan Bekhuis 04/07/2018
I have a certificate given to Alan Bryant 26/04/2020
Hi, I believe that this Alan Dine 07/02/2020
Have always wondered about Alan French 22/05/2017
The very last word should be alan graham 15/07/2009
My great uncle Philip Richard Alan Heppleston 05/06/2015
I was 7 years old and visited Alan McPherson 30/08/2013
I am great grandson of Alan Ramsay 06/05/2018
Mary Ann Woolcock was my Alan Scott 14/09/2011
Nellie was the daughter of Alan Scott 15/09/2011
M Woolcock is most likely Alan Scott 15/09/2011
Details of the unveiling can Alan SHARP 16/04/2011
This is Martha Keown, wife Alan Stewart 21/04/2012
I sailed on the SS Captain Alan Waddams 23/05/2016
What a find. My father was at Alan Woods - son of 17033 Norman Woods 12/01/2021
I am writing a book, and I Alana Harder 08/03/2014
The High death rate in these Alanna Barrett 02/10/2014
A photo from the Crete Alastair Barnett 08/04/2011
A pupil at NEV School from Alastair Batchelor 15/05/2014
South Africa War serviceman A Alastair DOWNEY 10/11/2013
In November 1955 I was on a Alastair Fleming 23/05/2014
Grant, Margaret (nee Alastair Grant Campbell 01/11/2018
Janet Grant (nee Janet Muir Alastair Grant Campbell 01/11/2018
Elizabeth Holms (nee Grant) Alastair Grant Campbell 01/11/2018
Jeannie Stephenson (nee Jane Alastair Grant Campbell 01/11/2018
My father Alastair Ian Alastair PAUL MacDonald 09/11/2017
I was the young NZ Herald ALEC MATHIESON 28/06/2018
The Posted map is incorrect Aleksandar Stoyanov 15/10/2015
Dear, it may Alex 26/04/2012
Hello, I would like to know Alex Braae 20/07/2012