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hello.i have a query.could alex nixon 05/01/2009
Rawiri Awarau Alex Rivers 12/11/2015
Te Whiti O Rongomai of Alexander Watene 02/01/2013
Kia ora and Hello.Im try to Alexander Wawatai 19/08/2009
Hi I am looking for Alf Parfitt 23/05/2011
Great read especially on the Ali Martin 12/10/2017
Hi there, I am a 5th Alice Hobson 03/05/2010
The wall is outside Pukekohe Alicia Griffin 01/09/2009
hi am confused with your alii 08/04/2014
Pohatuora Rock is a sacred Alison Ashley 16/03/2013
My grandfather drove them Alison Cameron 16/04/2017
Alice La(y)man Rach(a)el Alison Clements 08/06/2019
My great grandmother. Alison Downes 20/12/2020
Wilhemina Graham Sutherland Alison Kane 20/05/2017
Hi I am looking for William ALISON WHITE 29/10/2013
Hello, Alison Williams 18/04/2014
I am trying to find a photo alisonAnonymous 15/12/2017
Regarding Charlie Goodwin on AlisonC 16/12/2010
I have a photo of Mary Jane Alistair Aitken 23/09/2018
The contingent he left on is Alistair Pike 12/05/2012
Pharlap was stabled at my Alister Kellahan 02/05/2014
Hi Jeremy, and Anonymous, Allan 03/12/2018
My Grandfather was Allan Allan Gallagher 01/01/2013
I would like to make contact Allan Gray 18/09/2018
I see comments from another Allan Gray 10/03/2019
I have a Great Uncle that Allan King 01/03/2018
There appears to be a mistake Allan Muntz 18/01/2021
HMNZS Otago was commissioned allan pope 25/07/2013
William Jenkins Allan Robert Jenkins 31/05/2020
The memorial archway in the Allan Stratford 26/05/2013
Mrs Wm Wallis was my Great Allan Waugh 30/09/2011
Ellen Corrigan was my father, Allanah Tither 31/08/2020
I recall the visits of USS Allen 17/02/2013
I was nine when my family and Allen Mortimer 20/06/2013
Am currently sitting in Allison Ooster,an 09/11/2012
I am enquiring about Colin Aloha 29/07/2012
I was stationed in Camp Alton Sheek 27/08/2020
Susanna Isherwood was my Alyson Howell 07/07/2016
this is to correct an error I Alyson Howell, 11/02/2018
Hi I was unable to view the Amanda 04/12/2020
Harriet Stancombe is also my Amanda Berney 26/03/2019
Born in Everness Scotland, Amanda Nally 17/03/2018
My grandmother lived in Amanda Sanders 30/12/2020
Descendant of Maraea Amanda-Alison 20/10/2020
Rawiri Mutu Amelia Rawiri 26/08/2015
Hi, I am Amy Symons, Sam is Amy 29/04/2015
Is this site somewhere I can Amy 27/02/2019
C.F Mcintosh is a relative of amy 01/07/2015
Kia ora koutou katoa. I did Amy 12/10/2011