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40 years on –Te Wa o Te John Mccaffery 13/09/2017
44 years ago, my family left Robert Brinkhuis 08/09/2009
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690 387 GISBORNE NORTH Pene Walsh 30/07/2018
7.8.2019 The Vale 07/08/2019
82 & 83.... A bunch of Gonzo 28/11/2017
>men's love for their Maxwell Muir 11/11/2020
>The British put ground glass Maxwell Muir 11/11/2020
@Bruce Clements Thomas 28/12/2016
@Danielle "Te Orokohanga" is horox2 12/04/2011
@Dave K. At a guess, she may Bk 08/02/2013
@GEORGINA MARCHIONI JOB Edward Stanaway 29/08/2019
@Gordon: Not sure if there is Anne 16/05/2013
@Gordon: Sorry, accidentally Anne 16/05/2013
@John Knowles - I also worked Paul Miller 17/06/2013
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@Tony Baldwin Thomas 31/03/2014
A 9.00 pm service is observed Kenneth J Hill 22/02/2014
A Air New Zealand staff John Grant 09/04/2019
A beautiful old building Elizabeth 25/04/2012
A comment for Mary CARMINE. Bruce Comfort - on behalf of MfCH 23/05/2011
a couple of quick updates: Cherie 27/09/2016
A descendant of Kawiti, Erima Archives New Zealand 19/02/2015
A distant grandfather . Would Nicola 12/05/2019
A distant relative of mine Jonathan Dandy 03/09/2008
A F Leslie was my James Barrie Leslie 05/10/2011
A family member came across Anonymous 26/07/2017
A Ferguson tractor with cab Dave 26/05/2017
A few small but important Ron Giles 15/08/2011
A fine war memorial clock Ron Inglis 27/04/2016
A flag pole was erected to Bernard Kingsbury Archivist Cust Museum 12/12/2016
A friend in Australia has Shelley McDougall 11/08/2012
A good article from Sarndra 27/07/2011
A good starting place is his admin 23/04/2009
A grandson of John Taylor Patrick Reynolds 29/04/2013
A grandson of John Taylor Patrick Reynolds 01/05/2013
A J Kinsella was a 19 year Sue Baker Wilson 25/07/2008
A kiwi is a small endangered Anonymous 27/02/2018
A message for Andy McGinty Paul Kerr 25/09/2020
A New Zealand infantry Terry Garmonsway 02/03/2014
A photo from the Crete Alastair Barnett 08/04/2011
A pohutakawa can grow up to Me 22/03/2011
A pupil at NEV School from Alastair Batchelor 15/05/2014
A question. I am interested Chris Green 05/08/2013
A real cool character loved Manu Lee 04/02/2017
A statue of Sir Archibald Jane Woodman 18/01/2014
A survivor of Turbulent John Tainui Deller 04/10/2017
A terribly dark day in our Edwin Kidwell 13/02/2012
A tour of Nine Elms British OUDART 14/11/2011