Commentsort descending Subject Author Created
During my stay in our house etain 14/02/2012
During Queen's Birthday Libby Lyver 07/06/2010
During the South African War Nigel Robson 26/12/2012
E A Gumbley was my Chris Grace 05/06/2018
E hipi huruhuru ko maa e - e Jessica 03/10/2012
E noho rā is Goodbye (from a Bk 10/10/2012
E. PARRANT is undoubtedly Will Esler 19/04/2016
E.White (sheet 124). Anne Wells 16/06/2017
EBH is Eventide boys home Rex Drabble 02/01/2016
Ed was 22. I was present Tom Lawn Algies Bay 30/11/2009
Eddie Buckley (front row 2 Garry Buckler 10/07/2017
Edited and corrected copy John McCaffery- Te Reo Maori Society 05/04/2016
Edith Emily Kerridge Terry 13/11/2017
Edward's and Anna's graves Peggy Haworth, a great-great-granddaughter of Anna. 17/08/2018
Eleven days after this Quovadis 14/08/2011
Eliza Anna Cooke, nee Newton Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
Eliza Elizabeth Low nee Myall Millie Knox 07/09/2018
Eliza Foy of Hawera was my Vicki Hilliam 05/12/2011
Eliza GOLDEN was born in 1839 Bernadette 19/04/2018
Eliza Hendle born 1858 Sandra Greig 20/03/2018
Eliza later lived at 26 Brenda Anderson 16/12/2018
Eliza McKenzie b Kaiwhara 23 Jennifer Merton 10/06/2017
Eliza Stalker was my Great Roger Leslie 23/09/2018
Elizabeth (Eliza) Kemp Wallis Christine Richardson 18/07/2019
Elizabeth - do you have James McLean 11/03/2015
Elizabeth Ann Durrant nee Lynne Mckenzie 24/09/2011
Elizabeth Ann Hutching née Brenda Anderson 04/09/2018
Elizabeth Baird, wife if the Dulcie Evans 14/05/2017
Elizabeth Baker settled in Kara Lynn 16/05/2018
Elizabeth Buckingham (née Lynley Ingham 17/05/2019
Elizabeth Dale Howell, nee Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
Elizabeth Emma Rainton signed Andrea Jacobson 24/09/2017
Elizabeth Fairley was the Barbara Edwards 08/07/2018
Elizabeth Holms (nee Grant) Alastair Grant Campbell 01/11/2018
Elizabeth Kennard (nee Helen Sophia Kennard 27/09/2017
Elizabeth Kimber - Sheet 214 Adriana de Groot 15/09/2018
Elizabeth King was my Oline Elizabeth BALL (nee Andersen) 30/04/2019
Elizabeth Mary HOYE who Elaine Prakash 22/01/2021
Elizabeth Pinfold was my Kylie Fowler 06/08/2017
Elizabeth Sarah Taylor (nee Dianne Barnden 11/03/2019
Elizabeth Sharp (nee Southam) Jill White 16/04/2018
Elizabeth was born in Dalgety Lynley Ingham (née Kennard) 17/05/2019
Elizabeth Will was born on Jennie Marsh 15/01/2019
Ellen Benbow had a twin Judith Gardiner 27/05/2018
Ellen Corrie McKay nee Ella Thorpe 03/09/2018
Ellen Corrigan was my father, Allanah Tither 31/08/2020
Ellen Corrigan was my great Julie Kearns 31/08/2018
Ellen Corrigan was my great Jacqueline Tither 19/09/2016
Ellen Elizabeth HILL. Native Michael Coyne-g-grandson of Ellen Smith Woods. 11/05/2018
Ellen is part of my Byron Glenys Crawford 08/05/2018