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Farrier Sgt D.A.Devon was my stuart holmes 07/07/2013
Father is Augustus Arnold, Maree Worthington 24/06/2013
February 7th 2013 will be 50 brynderwyn memorial 1983 committee member 03/10/2010
Felix Crandle was my teacher George Rogers 25/12/2012
Fifty years ago I left Roy Campbell 16/05/2010
First name Caroline (nee Ray Phillips 24/07/2018
Firstly, why is the western Ian Fyfe 27/07/2017
Five of Samuel Green's Helen Edwards 25/03/2019
Following the Canterbury Bernard Kingsbury Archivist Cust Museum 21/07/2015
Following the success of Pat 30/04/2012
For a detailed explanation of Colin Steele 17/07/2014
For Andrew Morrison. Malcolm Greig 02/11/2018
For anyone researching, Rosa Anonymous 07/03/2018
For Bruce/April 25th 2014 Ian 05/05/2014
For clarity, you might want Jeff McNeill 30/03/2017
For information about Eliza John Hewitt 20/01/2018
For Malcolm Greig Andrew Morrison 30/11/2018
For Stuart Park, I am you Bev Eyre 18/01/2019
For sure, those old ships are HEINZ-RUEDIGER SCHNEIDER 15/08/2014
For the record the "E PINER" Ian PINER 16/10/2010
For the record the "E. Ian PINER 16/10/2010
For those looking for Roger Corfield 31/05/2014
For those students looking admin 24/02/2010
For those wanting to know Brent Kerehona 19/05/2020
For those who came out to NZ Dusty 27/09/2013
For those who don't know Michael Shearer 20/11/2011
For Today - Netherworld Sarah 17/01/2017
Formerly Eliza Green born Jeff Saunders 24/11/2011
Formerly Mary Theresa Clune Jeff Saunders 24/11/2011
Foto should have been taken Heinz-Ruediger Schneider 07/03/2014
Found Bob Cotti's comment, Anna La Roche neeGroote 24/01/2018
Found this video of Steve0 07/07/2010
Frances Margaret Daldy, born Marion 15/09/2018
Frances was born in Picton in Anonymous 24/05/2017
Frances, I have Mostyn's WW1 Ken Weston 04/08/2010
Francis Thank you for William Best 09/03/2011
Francis Annie Sandilands was Elaine Buxton 12/10/2018
Francis Ellen Eagle (nee Anonymous 27/11/2019
francis joseph leger is my john leger 15/10/2011
Frank and Marie Westerby nee martin francis westerby 08/01/2017
Frank Driesen SARGENT, 29th Elaine 11/07/2020
Frank MacFarlane was my great William Leith 26/02/2013
Frank Seth-Smith was Sarah Anastasia Saward 08/05/2018
Frank, I have not heard from Eleanor Creon (Winfrey) 26/05/2013
Frank,I met you & Ted a few Kathy Butcher 29/11/2012
Fred, Further to our talk Lorna 28/04/2010
Freda cane up to Cannock Richard Pursehouse 28/12/2009
Frederick Arthur Allen Matthew Allen 29/06/2020
Frederick Herbert Ward was my Waikouaiti 28/04/2014
From 5 to 7 yrs old i lived pat hennessy 01/01/2012