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Good on you great grandmother Anjan Culyonymous 29/03/2018
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Good post, Void. I had the Mark Webster 14/05/2009
Good write up, just an error Susanne Stone 10/02/2014
Graham Jones. Your John Ashby 02/12/2010
Graham Lowe Angela Parry 01/08/2019
Grand father was a Hare Huru from Kaitaia joanna Huru 28/07/2016
Grant, Margaret (nee Alastair Grant Campbell 01/11/2018
Grave of Charles Edwin Sarndra Lees 18/03/2010
great info 4 my school Anonymous 24/09/2008
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Great job - is there a Rosco 06/07/2011
Great place to find some Anonymous 06/02/2019
Great read especially on the Ali Martin 12/10/2017
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Great story. I'd always Malcolm 17/12/2009
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Great to see my great gran Josephine Gravit née Eglinton 03/06/2016
Great Uncle Beckham left Raewyn O'Connor 25/04/2015
Great work Helen, just a Katherine Blakeley 03/11/2018
Greetings, Arthur Arculus 15/06/2013
grew up opposite this house rob evans 23/01/2009
Growing up as child in the 70 Daniel Ford 12/01/2015
Gutter black, Don't fight it Unclejimbob 14/12/2016
Guy Featherston Johnston was jennifer Ball 01/08/2013
Gwen and Crawford Somerset Bob Pritchard 01/06/2010
Gwendoline Lila was not Anonymous 23/07/2018
H Stancombe Sheet 44 Fiona McLennan 28/08/2018
H.J Nicholas was not BRUYERE 04/11/2010
H.J Nicholas was not BRUYERE 20/10/2010
Had the pleasure of meeting tahi nepia 31/05/2018
Had to laugh at Alan Cook's Heather Street 22/11/2013
Hake Wayne Stokes 02/07/2018
Hake Wayne Stokes 02/07/2018
haki mamene also noted that Anonymous 20/03/2020
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Harriet Frances JOHNSON, née Jan Powell 12/10/2017
Harriet Langford was married Andrea Hemmins 28/07/2017
Harriet Stancombe is also my Amanda Berney 26/03/2019
Harriet Stancombe was the Evan Vincent 30/08/2019
Harry or Henry John Whelch Judy Matthew 15/04/2015