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A Trust known as "Adopt an Dennis C Cole 04/05/2012
A version of the first New kiwi shipper 12/03/2014
A very usefull history Jim Coubrough 05/05/2011
A William Eivers used to Hugh Francis 20/05/2016
About 1976-78 I was a member Monique 31/03/2015
About 20 years ago by chance Kerry Neal 03/04/2012
About 40 years ago I heard a David 11/12/2011
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according to hamiora tuokioki 02/06/2017
according to Maria Beath's M. Wheelan-Lammont 25/02/2020
According to Terry McLean, Paul Froggatt 04/07/2018
According to the Bayanne Anne Andrews (nee Johnson), granddaughter of Robert (twin) 12/02/2021
According to the DNZB he was admin 07/03/2013
According to this report she admin 15/08/2013
According to Valerie Monk's Fran 14/01/2011
Acknowledged by who? Anonymous 11/04/2020
actually Hilda Madsen came Anonymous 03/08/2017
Actually Hudson and Emma had Anne Fergusson 01/06/2020
Ada JOHNSON is likely to be Will ESLER 28/05/2016
Ada Louise Haughton (1862 Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
Ada Rebecca Tily was born in Anonymous 24/05/2017
additional to my earlier Richard Sternes 24/04/2016
Address should read: Paparata Rosso 25/08/2013
Admin - How can we make Paul Kerr 22/07/2019
Ae, Moanaroa - Son of Tapatai Paretutaki 22/12/2013
After his service in the Boer Bruce Hill 02/07/2019
After it was rediscovered’ in Anonymous 28/02/2020
After many years of wanting Mike H 29/03/2011
After the Christchurch Someone 05/03/2012
AfterBatten crashed into Simon Gunson 23/06/2020
Agnes born 2 October 1862 Co. Brian SPEAR 10/07/2018
Agnes Dalziel (nee Wright) Sandra (nee Prestidge) Marris 24/05/2018
Agnes ISITT is possibly Agnes Sarndra Lees 01/03/2014
Agnes K. V. Fallowes (Sheet Helen Edwards 06/01/2018
Agnes Mary Edlington was born Ella Thorpe 04/09/2018
Agnes was born in Napier in Kerry Tankard 27/07/2020
Agnes was the daughter of ROGER ROUTLEDGE 09/02/2014
Agnes Wilkie (nee Gemmell) Jill White 16/04/2018
Ahem. The date of death is Kerry Tankard (Fairbairn descendant) 27/07/2020
Alan, I am also related to Dianna Box 19/02/2020
Alastair Fleming, I can help Rizal 15/08/2019
Albertine was my Great Linda Campbell 04/07/2014
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Alexander Turnbull Library Nicki Stewart 28/06/2014
Alexander Victor Southcombe b BWat 03/04/2020