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Alexander/Finlay/Campbell - Anonymous 23/09/2019
Alf Moffat is the subject of Anonymous 10/03/2009
Alice C Farra was my Pauline Farra 19/09/2018
Alice Carrington nee Myall Millie Knox 07/09/2018
Alice Cousins (nee Kennard) Helen Sophia Kennard 06/10/2017
Alice Elizabeth Tankard was Kerry Tankard 27/07/2020
Alice La(y)man Rach(a)el Alison Clements 08/06/2019
Alice Maud Evans was a young Neil Bowdler 30/08/2019
Alice Maud Pavitt was my Anonymous 11 year old 02/02/2020
Alice Rose Schoch (nee William Schoch 31/03/2012
All can say what they want, I Kimmy 27/12/2012
all i want to no is who got Crissy Shiels 30/04/2009
Allan Gallagher has asked Arthur Uden 05/01/2013
Almost certain my Dad Noel Mandy Scott 24/02/2018
Along with my brother Geoff Chris Perry 28/12/2013
Also during 1916 on the Peter MacDonald 07/05/2012
Also R.I.P. George Wallace, Terry Love 23/03/2015
Also while I am thinking of murray Clarkson 10/08/2011
Also ZK-AHT crash into Mt Pete 24/06/2015
Although I cannot find a Stephen Saunders 10/01/2021
Although i posted previously Dorothy Cooper 09/04/2016
Although it was once believed John Hurley 12/05/2019
Although my first experience Jennie Coleman 28/05/2010
Although our name is spelt Roger Macnaughtan 10/04/2013
Although the Sumner Town hall Sue Milner 17/07/2014
Alverie Cowie is my Janet Waite (Walton) 27/02/2014
Am currently sitting in Allison Ooster,an 09/11/2012
Am I the only person who has Sue 20/04/2015
Am impressed with the peter odoyo 25/05/2009
Am looking for information or Tuimata Pori 12/03/2015
Am researching into the back Adele Pentony-Graham 16/09/2017
Am very keen to purchase a david 26/01/2010
Amalia Andersen was a neice Oline Elizabeth BALL (nee Andersen) 25/09/2018
Amazed at finding this Beverley Newberry 22/03/2019
Amazing he did that, cobber Tina Southerwood 10/12/2017
Amazing isn't it how the song Les 22/06/2019
Amazing to see my great Anonymous 31/08/2017
Amongst the men listed on Wallaby Historian 02/08/2012
Amy Caroline Sheath, nee Jim McGregor 13/10/2019
An amazing man my Dad . Very Mary-Robyn Pedersen 06/04/2015
An amazing man. My mother was Verna Bridger 12/02/2017
An architectural gem in a M. D. Hodgen 06/02/2013
An error exists in calling Hans Roest 29/04/2020
Anchor Me, the Muttonbirds. Martin Nynion 17/07/2017
And before Sweetwaters there Jan 16/03/2013
And here is a view of the War Sarndra Lees 10/07/2020
and my Greatgrandmother, mrs Anonymous 26/01/2015
And still serving up the Malcolm Price 19/05/2011
And wasn’t Michelle Payne the Peter 30/10/2018
Andrew McEwin, pictured Simon Nathan 17/09/2008