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Andrew Stewart HOUSTON was Anne Stewart Ball 09/08/2012
Angeline Goodman is correct. Rhonda 03/03/2014
Ann BISHOP formerly ARNOLD Will Esler 30/05/2016
Ann C Summerell is buried in Colleen McCombe 29/12/2018
Ann Elizabeth (nee Ashwell ngairedith 26/05/2019
Ann Webb is the paternal Anonymous 26/05/2019
Anna Chisnall, Christchurch Shonagh Love 11/05/2018
Anne Eliza nee Knox was born Millie Knox 07/09/2018
Annette Jane Fairbairn was Kerry Tankard (Fairbairn descendant) 27/07/2020
Annie - probably the second Ann Campbell 02/11/2011
Annie and Thomas had a fifth Jill Proudfoot 06/07/2020
Annie Ayres, fiancé of John Anonymous 24/01/2019
Annie Crabb nee Henson was Lyn dear 25/12/2016
Annie E. Tucker was the Anonymous 22/09/2020
Annie Elizabeth Kepple (nee Clare Smith 22/03/2018
Annie Evelyn Longden is my Nicholas Lyon Gresson QSM 30/11/2017
Annie Lafferty was my great Tony Hassan 19/09/2017
Annie Matilda Calvert lived Julie 21/04/2016
Annie Maude Hawke - nee Elizabeth - Bryce 21/12/2020
Annie Seaman, born 1861 in Nola Smith 22/09/2011
Annotation of similar photo Anonymous 25/07/2012
Another classic cafe in the Dianna 13/07/2009
Another event for the 2017 Fran 24/03/2014
Another exciting addition to Dolly Miller 30/03/2015
Another of Tamaiwhakanehuaiterangi's grandchildren of note Mark Iles 09/02/2016
Another plaque has been added Marie parsloe 14/03/2021
Answer to Bob Cotti....I was Dave Bryson 19/06/2014
Anthony - according to Wises admin 23/12/2009
Any chance we can have an J. A. Breen 25/05/2018
Any info on Marie Foley Sean 29/11/2020
Any more advanced versions Brad 17/08/2009
Anyone got pics of otago crew Anonymous 11/04/2019
Anyone have an idea who the Chris 27/01/2016
Anyone know of noel crawford Michael 31/10/2014
Apart from TradeMe, you Fran 27/06/2011
Aporo Hakopa Wharekaniwha was Anonymous 09/12/2017
April 2015: is actually the G.S. Morris 29/09/2014
April 8 1908, James Reid Anonymous 13/01/2019
Archie didn't just help those Sarndra Lees 02/03/2014
Are any photos of the ninth Graham Drabble 24/11/2011
Are the images of the 1892 Nicholas Briggs 06/03/2020
Are you able to give me any Mary Wright 08/02/2013
Are you interested in photos? Paul Young 22/09/2018
Are you referring to Sgt CJ admin 09/05/2014
Arnold Bell is a great uncle David Bell 03/04/2012
Aroha mai, I have a Paora Tibble 14/09/2010
Arohamai Marama Kua John McCaffery 06/09/2017
Arrived as a "ten pound pom" Rob 08/04/2013
Arrived in N.Z. June 1959., JANICE BORLAND 09/01/2014
Arrived Wellington 50 years Mary nee Woolnough 07/11/2008