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Until recently I condemned Anonymous 05/02/2009
Ururoa Reena Kainamu 20/12/2019
Uruti War Memorial Names; Glenwyss Brooks 14/03/2012
Valentine Marshall was born Anonymous 07/03/2021
Valentine was born in Opotiki Val Goss 28/04/2014
Van der Velden's view of a john rosanowski 03/02/2012
Very cool. Apparently that Mia 20/10/2013
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Very good information about VERMERSCH J-Paul 21/10/2017
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Very little is known of Jane Helen Edwards 17/11/2018
Very proud, Eliza Boult is my Paul Burt 13/09/2019
Very significant artefacts Rod Hinchco 30/06/2009
Very upset to find out the Eleanor Creon (Winfrey) 15/04/2013
Very well presented, but Anonymous 14/08/2020
Victoria Kinita I am a Rangi Palmer 17/08/2014
Vincent O'Malley states that Georgie Craw 19/07/2012
Violet Price was my Great Pauline Robb 03/09/2018
Vivian Manson was my suzanne moake 22/04/2012
von Temsky was a fearless Peter Loftus 04/12/2019
Vuiyasawa attended Wesley Philip Powell 11/02/2014
W Taylor's full name is Lorraine M James 31/07/2015
W.C.T.U motto: 'For God, home phoenix 11/03/2013
W.W Rangi is one of my great D Rangi-Williams 23/12/2009
WAI Annette Ferneyhough 17/01/2020
Wairarapa Bush did well in Anonymous 10/05/2020
Waitangi Tribunal...? I Rose 26/11/2019
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Walking back into the past, Anonymous 01/12/2019
Wanganui Chronicle , Monday Jeff Saunders 10/10/2013
Wanted to ask, I believe it Anonymous 30/12/2020
wanting to know who the Trish Funnell 15/03/2012
Wanting to know wot the judy keats 10/08/2015
Was Adrian Jones the sculptor Donald W Pedler 01/02/2013
Was Alfred Jefferson who Gwenda Ajie Swinnet. Née Jefferson, daughter o Alfred Ernest 08/08/2018
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was he born in 1807? like a boss 07/03/2013
Was in Glen Orchy as part of William 26/02/2021
Was my Grand Father. He and Rion Gallagher 18/10/2011