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Congratulations on a Ms Caron A Rowley 11/01/2019
Cool, I like it how you got Tamsin 15/12/2010
Correct surname spelling is Jennifer Queree 30/08/2018
Correct Whakapapa Whaikorero TREVOR WAITERE 22/05/2016
Correction Ngaio Wharehinga 03/06/2019
Correction Barry Toms 02/10/2019
Correction to my earlier post Lyn nee Creighton 26/10/2020
Correction- Jack Rea killed 7 Glenwyss Brooks 19/09/2012
Correction: William Freeman Anonymous 05/01/2021
Could any one give me the Frank upton 20/06/2009
Could anyone of our relatives Cynthia Matthews 20/02/2017
Could anyone provide more Anthony Bull 13/01/2020
Could anyone shed light on Marie Kirkup 25/04/2020
could someone please tell me tomas quigley 02/11/2009
Could this be H. Mason? Anonymous 23/09/2018
Could this be Rosina? Angelique Zidich 16/09/2011
Could you imagine. No joe gilmour 07/02/2011
Could you let me know if Sylvia Hudson 03/11/2019
Could you please explain why Anne 30/06/2009
Could you please let me know diana 08/05/2010
Could you please send me the Anonymous Jonn Naera 19/10/2018
Crain erected by the Legion Jeff Henley 26/01/2009
Crew on the Gambia had Anonymous 02/06/2018
Currently working on Lynette Harris 08/07/2020
D H Slatter Died 22 11 Anonymous 29/04/2008
Dagmar Laugesen Murray Laugesen 15/02/2021
dame whina cooper was born Anonymous 14/05/2008
Damn British think they were Anonymous 29/05/2019
Daniel George SAUNDERS born Dorne SAUNDERS 03/09/2015
Daniel Joseph Byrne was born Anonymous 08/07/2015
Daniel, there is a complete admin 07/02/2013
Darn, I meant surname Frame. Lorraine 22/08/2015
Date of the unveiling of the Liz Clark 10/09/2012
Daughter in law of Catherine Ray Phillips 24/07/2018
David - you can see the admin 30/03/2013
David Henry Cossar was my Max Percy 02/05/2012
David OLPHERT (sen). b.1815 Derek OLPHERT 18/07/2019
Dawn parades are timed to Anonymous 24/09/2008
Dawn parades have been held kenneth J Hill 22/02/2014
Dean Stewart Cameron (39) Cassidy Allen 04/05/2016
Dear Admin, Thanks so much Nanny Nieraeth 11/07/2012
Dear Alex, Sandra Davies 16/06/2020
Dear All Putting together Danny 03/03/2011
Dear all, Deirdre Green 09/07/2015
Dear Anne Thank you very admin 21/06/2010
Dear Betty. Generally it was admin 28/08/2012
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Dear Danny, Heinz-Ruediger Schneider 30/08/2019
Dear Danny, Heinz-Rüdiger Schneider 09/09/2019
Dear Diana The Ministry for Margaret marks 28/04/2008