Commentsort descending Subject Author Created
Was the best time! Bro & I Jac 13/04/2014
Was the mother of Charlotte Ray Phillips 24/07/2018
Was there ever a Roslyn Margaret Charlett (Muir) 24/01/2018
Was “the gossips “by crown Jenny 12/10/2020
Watching this with my young Chaucey Ellis 26/05/2018
We also have a large framed Trish 17/11/2015
We are children of mereana Te diane hart 06/08/2013
We are doing a school project jody 28/07/2014
we are family and are seeking rangi timihou 03/04/2014
We are interested in Patricia Jones 27/11/2009
We are looking for patti June taylor 17/04/2017
We are studying maori nica 27/01/2010
We are working on Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
We arrived in Wellington in Tony Bishop 14/01/2020
We arrived in 1957 hoping for Linda donnelly 19/05/2014
We arrived in Wellington John Smith. 22/01/2017
We at Edendale Primary School Anonymous 31/05/2020
We at Western Desert Louise Wright 18/01/2010
We came from a home with Anonymous 10/07/2019
We can’t find any reference admin 31/03/2015
We had two cars so carless Anonymous1 03/09/2010
We have a beautiful piece by Hone McGregor 17/10/2020
we have a certificate such damin 15/10/2008
We have a cottage in the James Bundy 24/03/2009
We have a Mary Ann Karen 12/01/2010
We have a old projector Shirley Hall-White 02/06/2013
We have a show jo 02/11/2009
We have biographical notes on Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
We have biographical notes on Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
We have biographical notes on Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
We have great grandparents Gloria Thompson 22/01/2020
We have huge NZ Xmas tree in patricia 27/06/2014
We have published an article David Ryrie 04/07/2008
We have the original family Marilyn & Noel Carpenter 30/09/2020
We left Glasgow 26 or 27th Dusty Miller 14/04/2013
We left Glasgow in October Anonymous 19/08/2014
We left Glasgow on New Year's Heather Blanshard (nee Duff) 04/06/2018
We left the tail of the bank June Roberts 11/11/2017
We lived at 27 Park Avenue Gillian Porter 18/06/2013
We need to save this hall Anonymous 24/06/2017
We never had a merchant W D Lawlor 24/11/2015
We regard Leonard Tarrant as David Wilton 02/09/2013
We should be so grateful Regan Kingston 06/09/2009
We visited this beautiful A.C. Swart 12/03/2018
We visited this station on Hannah Drage 20/11/2014
we went to queens parks niwa 08/02/2013
We were camping at Gisborne Jeanette Clarke 09/06/2012
Well David Gray had Peter Mcgregor 30/09/2017
Well done my great Margaret. 25/08/2019
Well done, a very precise Jeremy Sutherland 09/06/2011