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Well done. A small point of Graeme Kenyon 16/03/2014
Well I am just starting to Ross 31/05/2016
well i found that a good Dana 04/09/2012
Well just lately the Pike Matega 24/11/2010
Well population now is about Anonymous 22/10/2017
Well said Carla. You can be Rick Kellow 14/06/2010
Well spotted Gary. According steve watters 03/07/2008
well yes im a moanaroa i rikkii te moanaroa hohua rika 28/10/2009
Wendy - I am writing a book Michael Smythe 16/08/2010
were is the third major nono 05/03/2012
were there vaccinations for Anonymous 14/10/2008
whakapapa Micheal hau 01/06/2016
Whakapapa Peter Anderson 12/06/2020
whakapapa Anonymous 13/08/2020
whakapapa claims to Te Papakereru (Manutoheroa's Grave) Ripeka Te Ngaruru (Great Grand Daughter) 10/12/2019
whakapapa claims to Te Papakereru (Manutoheroa's Grave) Ripeka Te Ngaruru (Great Grand Daughter) 15/07/2020
Whanau Cole tarau 30/06/2020
Whare means house or maori Chontelle 16/09/2009
Whareumu Anonymous 24/07/2017
What a find. My father was at Alan Woods - son of 17033 Norman Woods 12/01/2021
What a great idea to compile ChrisF 04/07/2011
What a hopeless site.....why Stuart Dever 06/05/2019
What a lovely picture! I Heni Waikawa 01/05/2016
What a surprise, I came to NZ Ken Mills 21/05/2013
What about Daniel Swan, who Anonymous 17/04/2019
What about the 'Studio One' Artist Cat 18/06/2011
What about the 16 April 2008 henry 23/02/2011
what about the 1976 hutt Mr X 02/06/2013
What about the 1st september Anonymous 03/08/2018
what about the 2007 keri 11/05/2011
What about the appalling Ch86 03/04/2015
what about the pretty things? Steve roberts 19/12/2015
What about the vicious murder Michelle Smith 18/04/2018
What about “the beast of Charles Gibbs 29/03/2019
What an absolute load of Corieltauvus 23/12/2015
What an absolutely superb Fraser 21/03/2021
What an honour to hear this Tania 25/04/2020
What are hanging 'roots' on rOdAhO 04/02/2010
What are the Maori words for Anonymous 06/03/2009
what date did the bastion kaye kaye 27/05/2009
What date did the ship TSS Laurie 26/02/2014
What do I know? I know my Stephen Gerald Cooper 15/12/2011
What do the initials HMLS David Wills 09/09/2018
what does "nuku te aio" mean? 7777 25/05/2011
what does 'kia ora tena koe heidi the tortoise 13/03/2011
what does Ehoa mean samuel 05/08/2009
what does heke & whare mean? Beth 15/09/2009
what does ipo mean angel 15/05/2012
what does the mau movement confused chick 03/08/2009
what get me about the law in Ja'mine Morgan 13/07/2018