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What happened to Frank Heise Chet Crawley 22/07/2011
What happened to the Phil Beattie 27/09/2011
What I forgot to mention is Rhonda 04/03/2014
What I would like to know if William Ray Dobson (Ray) 20/01/2019
what information is on Anonymous 03/11/2014
what is 'A' in maori? What Jawdie 01/08/2010
What is happening about the Liz Robotham 26/11/2015
What is Maori for eyes and Martina Mc Auley 29/07/2012
What is name of purified Matt 29/05/2010
What is official. Bell were Anonymous 09/12/2019
what is priscilla in maori? priscilla 29/11/2010
What is Sarah Jones/S.D. Anonymous 13/09/2018
What is the copyright usage Anonymous 05/08/2018
what is the Maori name for a Liz 05/03/2009
What measures have been taken Semesa 24/05/2016
What of the 1880 murder of Anonymous 12/11/2018
What saddens me greatly, is Adele 06/11/2010
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What was the definition of a Anonymous 23/03/2021
What was the French publics 123456789 31/10/2013
What was the Marae, hapu that Cherie 19/12/2019
what year was she knighted Rangimaria 05/11/2015
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What year was this recorded? Tony Hitchcock 16/04/2018
What's the time mr wolf by Mumof4 16/05/2015
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When 'the four legged major' Jan Aitken 24/09/2010
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When did this Happen tapuaki tuima 14/05/2009
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When I attended the last Brian 02/11/2011
When I found this page A fan. 20/10/2009
When I sign off; Noho ora trish 01/09/2009
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When I was 7 years old I lynne 24/08/2014
When I was a 15 year old kid, Mike Vickers 01/12/2020
When I was an elementary Nya Taryor 15/06/2012
when I was at school the Jan Moon 19/12/2013
When I was six years old I laurence couchman 04/09/2012
When researching an ancestor Janet C. Stevens 05/02/2016
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