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Where exactly is Wylie's Ron Austin 03/03/2010
where in nz would I find janita 11/10/2008
Where is Bastion Point Tamyra 20/05/2009
where is the memorial for my sheina moore tupaea 09/01/2017
Where is the original photo Susan McIntyre-Turnbull 22/08/2015
where is this building? is michael Thoms 08/03/2012
Where is Wylie grave?? Gabriale Ratcliffe 02/06/2018
Where on the internet can I Greg 29/04/2011
Where was Elizabeth Webb born Anonymous 01/06/2017
Where was Hirini interred Drena Taiwhanga 12/04/2019
Which Charles Edward SMITH Christine Clement 26/07/2014
Which Charles Edward SMITH Christine Clement 26/07/2014
While Australia left an empty Anonymous 03/06/2018
While in New Zealand last Neil McCracken 07/05/2009
While O'Shea's book does Stuart Park 12/05/2015
While the announcement of the Tania Langford 10/03/2017
Whina Cooper wanted to put a Anonymous 31/08/2014
Who are the people that i brittany 15/06/2012
who can provide the uplines Ngaati Hourua 03/05/2013
Who discovered it. I know it Morgan 09/01/2014
Who ever decided that the S B Davie 30/04/2015
Who first established Jarome Hamon 20/08/2016
Who has made the most T 30/03/2017
who is telling this story ? Anonymous 21/02/2021
who is the author Anonymous 01/04/2020
Who was eligible to sign? Was Stuart Park 28/07/2016
Who was specifically Anonymous 12/09/2018
Who was this by? Anonymous 06/09/2016
who wrote this and when was Anonymous 09/04/2019
Whoops, thanks Kerryn have admin 26/05/2009
Why are there no shoulder Matthew 16/08/2018
Why are you macronusinf Anonymous 09/04/2019
Why did it take so long for Anonymous1234 12/04/2017
Why did the White New Evati Maasi 14/05/2009
WHY have you not put the Kevin O'Brien 13/07/2009
why is there is no mention of Anonymous 19/04/2020
Why is there no listing of Selwyn R GUEST 23/05/2018
Why is there nothing about James Livingston 01/10/2010
Why is this 1956...? if the Anonymous 16/02/2018
Why was men against women Eloise 15/07/2013
Why wasnt the other Maori David Dysart 27/11/2018
Why were moari people treated Anonymous 26/10/2019
wi hopihana tahua was the man who shot hone heke in the thigh Anonymous 19/03/2020
Widdowson, Emma Matilda, 1859 Debbie McCauley 14/07/2018
Wife of Nicholas Trahair Gaye Matthews. Great Grand-daughter. 03/08/2017
Wife: Ethel May Walker Rocky Ormsby (Grand-son) 25/04/2012
Wikipedia features Fran 14/10/2020
Wikitoria Apahuna Clive Moon 31/08/2020
Wilhemina Graham Sutherland Alison Kane 20/05/2017
Will the bronze plaques that Dave Hegan 24/04/2018