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You can find more information Richard van de Velde 26/05/2020
The honor of being assigned SP4 Williams 26/05/2020
the photo of reanactment is Paul Wilding 27/05/2020
Kia ora ra tātou e te motu. John McCaffery TRM Soc 28/05/2020
I am researching my Paul Wood 28/05/2020
Kia ora Katherine Blakeley Lesley Handcock 28/05/2020
Susannah Scullin was born in Brenda Anderson 29/05/2020
The only accurate part of A, nonemous 31/05/2020
William Jenkins Allan Robert Jenkins 31/05/2020
We at Edendale Primary School Anonymous 31/05/2020
Actually Hudson and Emma had Anne Fergusson 01/06/2020
Sell a empty bottle of drink Anonymous 01/06/2020
can anyone tell me when this Anonymous 01/06/2020
I was stationed at Camp Red Greg Johnson 02/06/2020
My grandfather, Richard Paul Wood 03/06/2020
Is there a list of the Kiwis John Free 03/06/2020
This doesn't look the uniform Roger Patterson 04/06/2020
Seeking our Marae Thies Vaihu 05/06/2020
My family sailed on this ship John Thompson 06/06/2020
Marching Jeanette 06/06/2020
On 17th June 1953 we sailed Denise Selchouk (nee Drew) 07/06/2020
The Lamberton, Thompson Mark Wheelan-Lamont 07/06/2020
My mother was engaged to reg Jeanette hayden 07/06/2020
my mistake - it did fight mark holms 10/06/2020
Can anyone tell me the names Tiano 11/06/2020
Whakapapa Peter Anderson 12/06/2020
Prime Minister Muldoon Anonymous 12/06/2020
Matenga Taiaroa Anonymous 13/06/2020
My grand mother Jesie Coila stuart 16/06/2020
Dear Alex, Sandra Davies 16/06/2020
Potatau Te Wherowhero Hemi Rahui Bailey 17/06/2020
Hinepau Hahau Bronwyn 18/06/2020
I think your video was so Sofia Damiris 18/06/2020
Thank you Wendy Lynsey Vining 18/06/2020
Hey! According to a post on Crayola B. 20/06/2020
My father's first cousin Anne Letham 21/06/2020
The window is a memorial to Charles Nairn 23/06/2020
AfterBatten crashed into Simon Gunson 23/06/2020
This is my grandad. This is Maria Wells 27/06/2020
Justin mora sounds like we Anonymous 27/06/2020
Frederick Arthur Allen Matthew Allen 29/06/2020
It was written in 2017 Jamie M 30/06/2020
Whanau Cole tarau 30/06/2020
I sailed aboard the "Captain John Lowe 01/07/2020
As a family member your J. Spencer nicholls 01/07/2020
Thanks for this - I'll update Jamie M 01/07/2020
Kia ora Makaui - try Margaret Jamie M 01/07/2020
Ellen Vickers Howell Ann Elder nee Donnelly 01/07/2020
Tim Shoebridge Jamie M 01/07/2020
Wondered if anyone knew if Stuart woolger 01/07/2020