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How does a fellow get a print Anonymous 18/09/2020
Mary Ann's maiden name was Michelle Wood 18/09/2020
One of the oldest rugby Anon 18/09/2020
"Only loss in their Wallaby Historian 18/09/2020
I find it quite ironic that The New World Order Will Fail 21/09/2020
Annie E. Tucker was the Anonymous 22/09/2020
I'm wondering where I might Michael 24/09/2020
A message for Andy McGinty Paul Kerr 25/09/2020
I remember mum and dad taking Kiwi Girl 27/09/2020
It was in 1955 that the local Warwick Sykes 28/09/2020
hare nepia te morenga Anonymous 29/09/2020
Sporting Icon, Saviour of Fekai 29/09/2020
We have the original family Marilyn & Noel Carpenter 30/09/2020
My wife's Grandfather, James George G Russell 02/10/2020
So proud to discover that my Rodney Conroy 02/10/2020
You have a comment in your Kath Henderson 02/10/2020
So proud to discover that my Rodney Conroy 02/10/2020
Catherine was born in Rodney Conroy 02/10/2020
Heremaia Te Ara Edwin 07/10/2020
Hey. I found his tombstone in Anonymous 09/10/2020
I went to NZ. aboard the Sam Whittaker 10/10/2020
Was “the gossips “by crown Jenny 12/10/2020
Kia ora (Hello, informally) Jim 13/10/2020
Ben - no. Where did you see Jamie M 13/10/2020
Here you go: https:/ Jamie M 13/10/2020
There is no such person as Anonymous 14/10/2020
kia ora whats the name of our Angela Raroa 14/10/2020
Can't spot any references to Fran 14/10/2020
Wikipedia features Fran 14/10/2020
I am disappointed, this does N.Greeff 15/10/2020
My Grt. Grt. Grandmother was Anonymous 16/10/2020
We have a beautiful piece by Hone McGregor 17/10/2020
Just out of curiosity, I Sheryl Langton 18/10/2020
Thank you for the service Don Oliver Sexton 19/10/2020
The comments about missionary Sam Carpenter 20/10/2020
Descendant of Maraea Amanda-Alison 20/10/2020 Anonymous 23/10/2020
Probably the reason for the Anonymous 23/10/2020
Mrs Bridget Bellett (nee Paul Bellett 24/10/2020
I don't understand the Anonymous 25/10/2020
Mrs Walter Thompson (1847 Wendy Reid 25/10/2020
It is interesting to note Jack Richardson 26/10/2020
My Mum and Dad, Maisie and Lyn nee Creighton 26/10/2020
Correction to my earlier post Lyn nee Creighton 26/10/2020
This is Anne Titboald Ward (c Randolph Hollingsworth 27/10/2020
Kia ora NZHistory - could you Anonymous 28/10/2020
Hi I have just found this Renata Taylor 28/10/2020
Kia ora to all commenters on Raymond McKay 28/10/2020
{{1893 Suffrage Petition Royce WILES 29/10/2020
Te Katipa did not marry Anonymous 30/10/2020