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Margaret was my great great Helen Winter 17/12/2020
My great grandmother. Alison Downes 20/12/2020
She was Elizabeth Musgrove, Anonymous 21/12/2020
Annie Maude Hawke - nee Elizabeth - Bryce 21/12/2020
This is interesting B Sullivan and A Sullivan 23/12/2020
This was one of my great Adam Thain 29/12/2020
Would you like to contact me Anonymous 29/12/2020
My great great grandfather Colin Riddell 29/12/2020
My grandmother lived in Amanda Sanders 30/12/2020
my great grand parents , She malcolm Mulvihill 30/12/2020
This photo appears to be men L. Shaw 30/12/2020
Wanted to ask, I believe it Anonymous 30/12/2020
If your going to report on Anonymous 01/01/2021
Name on the Hokitika Town AnonymousMarjorie Mace 03/01/2021
Correction: William Freeman Anonymous 05/01/2021
This image may date from 4th Jim Grundy 05/01/2021
Te Kanawa Ngaire Patiole 05/01/2021
The Memorial has been erected Francis Vallance 07/01/2021
You have a Bristol freighter Mike Richardson 08/01/2021
In reply to Robert Ferris's Frances Munroe 08/01/2021
The article mentions Dr. Miquel Gimenez Lopez 09/01/2021
Although I cannot find a Stephen Saunders 10/01/2021
19th Battalion veterans Ray Anonymous 11/01/2021
Ngapuna Anonymous 11/01/2021
signature Thelma Moke 11/01/2021
Susan Mary Costello (nee Anonymous 12/01/2021
What a find. My father was at Alan Woods - son of 17033 Norman Woods 12/01/2021
I have Lucy`s sister Maria Anonymous 13/01/2021
I went to the world fair in Mary Maxwell 15/01/2021
This is Eliza Ann Palmer Randolph Hollingsworth 16/01/2021
I was the only Maori child at Anonymous 16/01/2021
If you can contact Robert Frances Munroe 17/01/2021
Can you please post the full Josh gardiner 17/01/2021
I have a photo of 3 persons, Anonymous 18/01/2021
There appears to be a mistake Allan Muntz 18/01/2021
Hi there my Grandfather was a Danny 18/01/2021
Muir, your disinformation and N J Hauman 19/01/2021
This is a Family relative Andrea 19/01/2021
This page should not exist Anonymous 20/01/2021
Probably Emily Jane BROMLEY Anonymous 21/01/2021
Elizabeth Mary HOYE who Elaine Prakash 22/01/2021
The reference for this image Anonymous 22/01/2021
On the 1962 page, your Anonymous 22/01/2021
Is that the church that the Anonymous 22/01/2021
Benjamin Doel was my Great Vonda 24/01/2021
Can anybody tell me the Russell Armitage 26/01/2021
My Great Uncle, Francis Anonymous 27/01/2021
Is the Maori declaration of Stuart 29/01/2021
My father on double bass... Stephen Lloyd-Jones 29/01/2021
Mangungu Gary Linter-Cole 30/01/2021