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Hi. I am looking for Annette 11/01/2014
My mother went to school in Annette 05/05/2016
Fanny Walsham was born Annette Batchelor 19/09/2017
Please note that Fanny's Annette Batchelor 19/09/2017
WAI Annette Ferneyhough 17/01/2020
my dad very front right hand Annette Gledhill 03/09/2016
Hello, we have inherited the Annette Lilo 21/01/2016
Support line for abused women inc Annette Sheridan 17/06/2019
I AM LOOKING FOR PILOT annie 11/08/2020
The other people in the Annie Coster 17/12/2014
JR Yeats (Jane Rutherford Annie Ferguson 10/03/2020
Hi June, Annie mcentyre 22/06/2014
IN the early 1970's Labour Annmarie 22/09/2017
James Clendon Tau Henare is Anon 12/05/2009
Yesterday I wrote: "James Anon 13/05/2009
Te Puea Hèrangi was born at Anon 15/09/2011
I was a child in the home if Anon 26/03/2017
Maurice Roche was the sole Anon 21/09/2011
Two other events for the 2017 Anon 15/05/2014
He schooled at Auckland Anon 05/03/2014
MA Massey (Mary Anne), not anon 11/06/2018
how do I buy one of these anon 25/06/2012
One of the oldest rugby Anon 18/09/2020
I am disappointed with this Anon. 10/05/2016
Sitting in the rain,underdogs Anonbbymous 26/06/2018
Kia Ora Whanau, I’m the great AnonDr Benjamin Charles Mckay ymous 06/07/2019
My great grandmother granny AnonrymousRalda Martin 19/09/2019
Do you by any chance have a AnonyFrances Vincebtmous 13/04/2020
Pompallier was buried on the Anonymouce 14/10/2013
So interesting to hear about Anonymous 26/02/2018
I would like to know the Anonymous 07/09/2008
Hi, The image on this page Anonymous 24/05/2019
hare nepia te morenga Anonymous 29/09/2020
A kiwi is a small endangered Anonymous 27/02/2018
I would like to have the Anonymous 08/11/2018
Hi, this is really helpful! I Anonymous 24/05/2019
Reading this, so overwhelmed Anonymous 18/11/2019
He marjoram tena koto tena Anonymous 22/08/2017
'North Island Main Trunk line Anonymous 18/11/2019
I have two bound copies of Anonymous 18/05/2020
what information is on Anonymous 03/11/2014
Napier Seige? Anonymous 25/05/2019
What of the 1880 murder of Anonymous 12/11/2018
THE RANGATIRA WAS SENT INTO Anonymous 01/11/2016
My dad Petty Officer Edward Anonymous 16/04/2015
michael, i remember reading Anonymous 05/03/2018
Hi I was wondering where this Anonymous 20/05/2020
Posted this map on the Anonymous 14/11/2018
Ann Webb is the paternal Anonymous 26/05/2019
List stuck in 1993 get Anonymous 29/08/2017