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Kia ora Neil and Mihiata - admin 24/04/2015
Just like to know why there Neil 06/11/2013
Yeh why is there no real Mihiata 23/04/2015
Thank you so much for making Frances 27/09/2009
Dear Ross - how great to read Frances Abbott 20/05/2015
Hello Ross, Phil. Sinclair 08/09/2015
Frances, I have Mostyn's WW1 Ken Weston 04/08/2010
Dear Ken - this is Frances 04/08/2010
Now 5 years on from the posts Ross Gunthorp 22/04/2015
Dear Frances, Be assured I Ken Weston 05/08/2010
My mother, Shirley Hall, was Richard Hadfield 26/04/2021
Kia Ora all!! My nephew is Wiremu Paenga 04/09/2008
Merle Hyland is my Katrina baker 24/08/2016
Nice to see this photograph Sean Brosnahan 27/04/2012
Thanks very much for this, admin 27/04/2012
Where on the internet can I Greg 29/04/2011
When did this Happen tapuaki tuima 14/05/2009
Why did the White New Evati Maasi 14/05/2009
There is more information if admin 14/05/2009
Here you go: https:/ Jamie M 13/10/2020
Where is Bastion Point Tamyra 20/05/2009
Tamyra - check the Waitangi admin 20/05/2009
Kia Ora could you please cindy paki 14/06/2009
-who is Ngati Whatua Tina 19/06/2009
Tina Te Ara provides this admin 19/06/2009
i need news footage of Andre 30/06/2010
Hi Andre - you should be admin 30/06/2010
The only thing on the protest Anonymous 01/09/2020
Does anyone have any info on James 12/11/2012
what date did the bastion kaye kaye 27/05/2009
was bastion point taken nakita 12/08/2009
Kaye - it was in January admin 27/05/2009
The Cretan community in Anonymous 02/11/2019
We never had a merchant W D Lawlor 24/11/2015
The use of 'Merchant Navy' Jamie Mackay 24/11/2015
Wanted to ask, I believe it Anonymous 30/12/2020
If your going to report on Anonymous 01/01/2021
Is there a sight where these Brian Algar 17/06/2017
See the following web pages: Dale Hartle 29/07/2014
A descendant of Kawiti, Erima Archives New Zealand 19/02/2015
Hello, I travelled to New Roberto Accornero 19/08/2010
Can you please post the full Josh gardiner 17/01/2021
I`m interested on this LUCIANO 10/10/2016
I have a copy of this catherine 12/11/2013
We have a beautiful piece by Hone McGregor 17/10/2020
I have a painting by Beatrice Anonymous 08/03/2019
My Great Aunt Beatrice Jan Harris 28/07/2018
I have two paintings by Deborah McGregor 04/05/2021
Great Uncle Beckham left Raewyn O'Connor 25/04/2015
Full name was Beckham Paikawa Raewyn O'Connor 25/04/2015