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The photo of Eliza and Joseph Marie Evans 17/08/2019
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I wish to correct a couple of Iain Wakefield 14/08/2019
my nan matekitewai was your Anonymous 13/08/2019
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Thomas Verry (1848-1916, son Maurice Verry 09/08/2019
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This was actually A. J. Paul Corliss 08/08/2019
I was one of hundreds of Neil Anderson 08/08/2019
There is another Susann Jeremy Ballantyne 08/08/2019
My great grandfather Laughlin Mike O'Brien 07/08/2019
7.8.2019 The Vale 07/08/2019
Hi Alexander my Grandmother Delwyn Pearl Edwards 05/08/2019
Yes there was a black player Eddie 03/08/2019
Murder in wanganui 2019 Anonymous 02/08/2019
There is no evidential basis Anonymous 01/08/2019
Claims that rats have been Anonymous 01/08/2019
Graham Lowe Angela Parry 01/08/2019
I went to this health camp Casey Hamblin 22/07/2019
I agree.. once a beautiful Anonymous 22/07/2019
Admin - How can we make Paul Kerr 22/07/2019
Esther was my great Earl Hart 22/07/2019
My Great Grand Mother was James Jackson Wood 4th 21/07/2019
I was living on Robe Street steve e 19/07/2019
Elizabeth (Eliza) Kemp Wallis Christine Richardson 18/07/2019
Emily Schulze (nee Clinch) Christine Richardson 18/07/2019
Emily Rosalee Morgan (nee Christine Richardson 18/07/2019
David OLPHERT (sen). b.1815 Derek OLPHERT 18/07/2019
Very interesting to read the Nina 16/07/2019
This write up and account of George 15/07/2019
My guess is the house Brian Gallagher 11/07/2019
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In 2011 a 6.8 earthquake hit fiona forrester 06/07/2019
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I am curious why there is no Rachel J. Harrison nee Mckay (Tainui, Ngati Kahungunu). 03/07/2019
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I was one generation too far Kate Stalker 03/07/2019
Interesting fact; Rangi is Kate Stalker 03/07/2019
Hi Christin I served with Tana Haerewa 03/07/2019
After his service in the Boer Bruce Hill 02/07/2019