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What are the Maori words for Anonymous 06/03/2009
Kia ora Ian. Hopefully admin 18/09/2015
kia ora im 12 years old and Drew 22/10/2010
How do you say "Make Good Wiki 13/03/2014
I am reading a novel about Margaret Reardon 23/01/2012
Can you please confirm is Sheridan 24/07/2010
Great job - is there a Rosco 06/07/2011
I suggest you check out the Jamie Mackay 06/03/2009
Re Pūhā - yes admin 24/04/2009
Hi Beth, you can add macron Libby 07/06/2009
Hi Margaret, there is no 'q' admin 24/01/2012
Kia Ora, is there a poster or TFLW 26/09/2017
Kia ora Rosco - you should admin 08/07/2011
My girlfriends name is James Sanders 16/01/2010
what does Ehoa mean samuel 05/08/2009
The Maori word for learning Anonymous23534 13/05/2011
We have a show jo 02/11/2009
Hiya, Anyone know what a Tash 28/07/2010
kia ora:) i was wondering if Sarah 27/10/2010
I am trying to translate the Cole 07/01/2011
Kia ora I'm a Kiwi(Pakeha Paul 23/07/2013
Hi there, Does anyone know JJ 16/05/2011
could someone please tell me tomas quigley 02/11/2009
I agree, pronouncing Maori Richard 25/01/2012
what is 'A' in maori? What Jawdie 01/08/2010
When I sign off; Noho ora trish 01/09/2009
We are doing a school project jody 28/07/2014
Hi Thomas Check out the NZ admin 02/11/2009
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Kia ora, I am trying to Kat 24/08/2010
Priscilla is Priscilla. It's Bakedpotatoes 12/12/2010
This webpage is very useful, Anthony 19/11/2015
hi there, could you please Murphys 21/03/2010
I wish to know the maunga, hemi 23/07/2013
hey I'm a NCEA level 3 Matthew Robinson 10/07/2009
Kia Ora.... I am wanting to Gene 18/05/2010
Kia Ora While looking at Ruth 03/08/2010
I was wondering if anyone mslafaele 24/03/2011
Ka pai enei kupu tino mohio i Yvonne Hemara 17/06/2014
how would i say i promise to Destiny Keatch 28/04/2009
I am a ECE teacher. Our Ina van Tonder 18/05/2010
Hi Trish Yes you can put Jean Mina 03/09/2009
Kiaora tatau katoa, If you YEAR 10 MAORI STUDENT 001 01/11/2010
Kia ora. Thank you for this Jan Worrall 17/08/2012
I just want to reply to the Pania 12/07/2011
Hi how do you say 'How many Vaness 28/03/2011
I have just read on your Linda 18/06/2009
Hi there I am wanting to RUTH 17/11/2009
Kia ora Jan Thanks very admin 17/08/2012
Just curious about the Anne 05/10/2017