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Annie and Thomas had a fifth Jill Proudfoot 06/07/2020
This is most likely Anne Stuart Park 05/06/2017
I think this will be Annie Dorothy Cooper 12/10/2011
Although i posted previously Dorothy Cooper 09/04/2016
Alverie Cowie is my Janet Waite (Walton) 27/02/2014
Posted on behalf of Janet admin 22/12/2015
my great-granny! probably Sarah Dalton 10/09/2011
The signature is actually A. Suzanne Torkington 28/07/2017
Agnes born 2 October 1862 Co. Brian SPEAR 10/07/2018
This was actually A. J. Paul Corliss 08/08/2019
Ada Louise Haughton (1862 Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
Alice La(y)man Rach(a)el Alison Clements 08/06/2019
This is Annie Langrish Tamari McKay 22/09/2011
I believe this is my great Raymond Burt 02/09/2019
I am the owner of a small Shane Duffy 05/07/2020
Annie Maude Hawke - nee Elizabeth - Bryce 21/12/2020
I have looked again at this Joyce Hislop 05/07/2019
Thanks for this site. I am Una Atkins 16/09/2011
Hi Una, thanks very much for admin 16/09/2011
Alice Rose Schoch (nee William Schoch 31/03/2012
This is my g-g-grandmother. Nikki Macfarlane 22/02/2017
The Trust family lived in Irene Canonico 03/06/2018
This is Anne Titboald Ward (c Randolph Hollingsworth 27/10/2020
An error exists in calling Hans Roest 29/04/2020
The memorial was designed by Tony Richardson 11/01/2013
Why was men against women Eloise 15/07/2013
Hi, where can we find the men Sally 05/09/2018
I was told one of my Jackie Stoddard 02/11/2011
Hi Jackie - you can see the admin 02/11/2011
How many petitions were there Sharon Wallis 09/01/2013
Hi, you mention that the 1893 Sean 25/04/2016
Hi Sharon - over 30 suffrage Gareth Phipps 10/01/2013
Who was eligible to sign? Was Stuart Park 28/07/2016
There is an error in the Jayne 14/01/2013
Hi Sean, yes the petition is Neill Atkinson 28/04/2016
690 387 GISBORNE NORTH Pene Walsh 30/07/2018
Are the images of the 1892 Nicholas Briggs 06/03/2020
The petition organisers Anonymous 10/08/2016
Its meant to be Hapu instead Daniel Hurd 23/07/2020
My understanding is it means Jamie M 27/07/2020
Arthur Barker was recorded Cheryl Carnahan 02/11/2011
Ada JOHNSON is likely to be Will ESLER 28/05/2016
Ada Rebecca Tily was born in Anonymous 24/05/2017
I belive Mrs Amelia Redshaw susan margaret Line Irmov 14/03/2014
Arrived as a "ten pound pom" Rob 08/04/2013
Agnes Mary Edlington was born Ella Thorpe 04/09/2018
I have been researching the Pam Garbes 06/09/2018
My great grandmother Agnes G. Jan Lynch 26/09/2018
Hi Pam - thanks very much for Jamie M 06/09/2018
Hi Jan - there are a few Jamie M 28/09/2018