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I believe that the address is John Duncan 23/09/2018
Surely this handwriting can Jan 19/11/2019
I am researching an American Pamela Drylie 17/09/2020
I'm currently researching Greg Clark 28/07/2012
Hi Greg - thanks for your admin 28/07/2012
Andrew Stewart HOUSTON was Anne Stewart Ball 09/08/2012
The terrain and uniforms Mark 15/05/2009
Thanks, Mark - not sure how admin 18/05/2009
A photo from the Crete Alastair Barnett 08/04/2011
Hi Alastair - this means it admin 08/04/2011
It may be time for this NZ Dr R Fisher 08/05/2020
Annette Jane Fairbairn was Kerry Tankard (Fairbairn descendant) 27/07/2020
I think he meant to say, not Malcolm 19/10/2015
Ann BISHOP formerly ARNOLD Will Esler 30/05/2016
Ann Webb is the paternal Anonymous 26/05/2019
Anna Chisnall, Christchurch Shonagh Love 11/05/2018
I believe this surname has Mary Skipworth 08/03/2014
Absolutely loved this Glenis Woolley 10/02/2018
What an absolute load of Corieltauvus 23/12/2015
My mother + family members J Martin 28/05/2016
Pavlova. About time somebody J Martin 30/01/2012
I am the person who supplied Bridget Gerrie 14/08/2018
Edward's and Anna's graves Peggy Haworth, a great-great-granddaughter of Anna. 17/08/2018
Born 1861 (nee McILWAITHE). Brian SPEAR 10/07/2018
Annie Crabb nee Henson was Lyn dear 25/12/2016
Annie - probably the second Ann Campbell 02/11/2011
Annie Seaman, born 1861 in Nola Smith 22/09/2011
Annie E. Tucker was the Anonymous 22/09/2020
This note appears in Brian Gilberthorpe 25/08/2017
familiy murcott 10/12/2012
Five of Samuel Green's Helen Edwards 25/03/2019
Thank you for sharing this Diana McIntyre 29/07/2020
My great grandmother granny AnonrymousRalda Martin 19/09/2019
She was mg geatgrandmkther I Ralda Maftin 23/11/2020
Annie Elizabeth Kepple (nee Clare Smith 22/03/2018
Annie Evelyn Longden is my Nicholas Lyon Gresson QSM 30/11/2017
I have a very old sketch book Lynne Butler 06/02/2020
The family arrived in Jenni Gibson (husband is Annie's gr-gr-grandson) 09/09/2018
I think this lady's name was Lynne Wise 08/04/2015
352 Annie Sarah CROFTS Margaret Parkes 04/09/2018
Thomas Verry (1848-1916, son Maurice Verry 09/08/2019
If you have any information Anonymous 25/03/2020
quite a lot of the protesters robert 29/07/2014
My father Tony was at the Peter 06/03/2011
Mr. Phipps: Joseph Valicenti 21/05/2015
I am an American Grad student Joseph Valicenti 17/04/2015
Hi Joseph Gareth Phipps 21/04/2015
I spotted a photo of the Anne 22/04/2014
Hi Jamie, Im writng a book Wayne 09/03/2009
Hi Wayne Thanks very much Jamie Mackay 09/03/2009