Commentsort descending Subject Author Created
The memorial at Helensville Stuart Park 22/06/2015
The Memorial gates and Great Keith Scott 18/01/2013
The Memorial has been erected Francis Vallance 07/01/2021
The Memorial now commemorates Anonymous 21/11/2018
The memorial originally Gerard Hehir 09/04/2009
The memorial pictured is at Bernard Kingsbury 16/04/2013
The Memorial service for Fred Macdonald 21/04/2010
The memorial shown was later Bryan Bates 24/10/2018
The memorial was designed by Tony Richardson 11/01/2013
The memorial was moved and john halpin 01/12/2010
The memorial was not Denise 15/04/2019
The memorial was rededicated Bernard Kingsbury 15/08/2015
The memorial was removed Roy Thompson 26/08/2008
The memorial was unveiled on Joanna Barnes-Wylie 11/09/2019
The Memorial Window was not Donald 02/11/2020
The mine ventilation fan EyeSpy 11/07/2017
The Monarchist League John Cox 08/10/2014
The monument consists of an Bernard Kingsbury Archivist Cust Museum 22/07/2015
The monument has not been TheAnonymous 01/07/2013
The Morice family is a Pru Holden 19/02/2019
The name "Miss McNamara" is Michael 27/11/2014
The name Colenso translated Anonymous 19/01/2022
The name Eli CROPPER on this Anonymous 13/03/2009
The name Gossage C on this Rob 25/10/2018
The name kihiringi is incorrect Robert king 25/02/2022
The name of my uncle, William David Madigan 14/05/2017
The name of Private Thomas Carol Robertson 18/09/2022
the name of T MORGAN on the Jenny Morgan 05/07/2009
The name of the lady has been Lynda Seaton (Sideros Research) 18/10/2022
The name of this land where mereana 03/03/2011
The names of those who made J Holms 02/08/2012
The New Zealand Secondary Virginia 11/06/2015
The next of kin was Rupert's Molly Phillipa 07/01/2012
The Ngaruawahia festival was Christopher Coulter 05/05/2019
The Nile River Music Festival joanne 07/12/2012
The nurse second from right I Wallaby Historian 13/12/2015
The nurse sitting far right Anonymous 07/07/2017
The nurse third from left is, Wallaby Historian 13/12/2015
The NZ flag and the Maori George Rangiaho 16/02/2010
The obelisk was made of R. Beddows 29/11/2012
The Officer who staved off Colin G Belshaw 27/11/2015
The Ohingaiti Memorial Hall Anonymous 19/02/2013
The Ohingaiti Memorial Hall Shirley Russell 19/02/2014
The old Red Dog pub next to Anonymous 11/07/2008
The only accurate part of A, nonemous 31/05/2020
The only thing on the protest Anonymous 01/09/2020
The original Memorial was Anonymous 21/11/2008
The original sheet clearly Barney Campbell 31/03/2016
The original site of the toni Cooke 24/12/2010
The original William Hobson Rowi 14/01/2010