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Yes i was there. There was joe gilmour 13/01/2011
Yes I wasa crew member on a dennis 14/10/2013
Yes I went down there and Milt Whareaitu 12/09/2012
Yes Joanne, you're right. I John 28/08/2016
Yes many of us knew each Anonymous 25/11/2018
Yes there was a black player Eddie 03/08/2019
Yes you are a direct M HesseyAnonymous 06/10/2018
Yes! I remember this train Tony Robb 24/08/2011
Yes, a Field, & Machine gun, Jim Taylor 19/12/2010
Yes, Emma Williams (Union St. Wendy Clark 06/01/2015
Yes, Eric P. Chapman is Thomas 07/11/2013
Yes, I know that the hanging Judith Doyle 28/11/2014
Yes, I was part of the move Chris Hunter 20/03/2014
Yes, the discrepancy in the Anne 10/12/2013
Yes- this audio and text is Jamie M 08/08/2018
Yesterday I wrote: "James Anon 13/05/2009
you are incorrect. The Anonymous 11/12/2017
You are most welcome. I also admin 07/04/2012
You Camp Hillcrest marker Brett Duncan 14/09/2012
You can find more information Richard van de Velde 26/05/2020
You can still see remnants of Raffaele 28/07/2021
You foolish people. That's Kūare kaikiri mā 05/02/2020
You forgot to mention one Anonymous 15/02/2009
You have a Bristol freighter Mike Richardson 08/01/2021
You have a comment in your Kath Henderson 02/10/2020
You have a list of resources, Torben Retboll 17/11/2021
You have missed one well Jackie 08/11/2018
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You Kiwi flyboys on your Anonymous 30/08/2019
You may be interested in a Thomas Jedrusyna 02/07/2009
You may be interested to Robert H Vette 16/01/2009
You may like to enter Wahine Kate 09/02/2013
You may want to reconsider Scott 17/08/2016
You may wish to know that AF James Barrie Leslie 22/01/2013
You might like to change the Don Webster 17/11/2016
you need to tell us the tiaki adams 16/04/2013
You posted this n 2008 but I Raewyn 22/08/2010
you say a colleague got it in tiela 12/03/2014
you should have more Anonymous69 01/03/2017
You would think that the Natalie 26/08/2021
You'll find them all in the admin 03/05/2009
Youmans, Charlotte Beatrice Kevin Wilkes 15/05/2014
Youngest child of Catherine Ray Phillips 21/08/2018
Your dates for the arrival of Dr Douglas G. Lockhart 16/08/2015
Your father served on the TEV kate 08/02/2013
Your Hinemoa pieces are very Fran 02/09/2015
Your nursery cup and saucer Fran 14/05/2013
Your site on Shout states the David Deasey 08/11/2014
Zevon, there were 734 Neill Atkinson 17/09/2009
{{1893 Suffrage Petition Royce WILES 29/10/2020