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Hone Kingi Neville Conway 22/10/2021
BIRTH: c1850 as Jane Russell Anonymous 24/10/2021
BIRTH: Esther Hannah HEPWORTH Anonymous 24/10/2021
This is probably Sarah Jane Lynda Seaton 25/10/2021
mis-transcription not Nottall Lynda Seaton 25/10/2021
BIRTH: 2 December 1865 to Anonymous 25/10/2021
Article about the opening in Mel 25/10/2021
I am interested in the John McCormick 26/10/2021
Can someone send me a he Anonymous 30/10/2021
Alicia May O'Reilly Nancye O''reilly 30/10/2021
79-80 ; 82-83 Camp Hovey Mark Thompson 31/10/2021
We are looking for a lady Trish Dunn or Deb Fish 02/11/2021
Kīngi Pootatau was not around Anonymous 02/11/2021
Can we get the History John McCaffery 03/11/2021
Our Mounga has a ingoa a name Anonymous 05/11/2021
Herbert Newdick was my Great Suzanne Turnill (nee Newdick) 05/11/2021
Response to Clive Moon Natasha Cleine 07/11/2021
Interesting review Jan [email protected] 07/11/2021
Remember it well in the 50s Anonymous 09/11/2021
My dad, Norman J Hughes was Paul 10/11/2021
in 1968 whangarei had a cub ross leonard sayer 10/11/2021
I know that my grand father Stephen Henry Reay 11/11/2021
The Ypress Bell Garry Micheal Hall 11/11/2021
My grandfather was killed C Clarke 12/11/2021
My father in law served on David Harding 12/11/2021
Descendant of Maata Te Naihi and James Heberley Nicola 12/11/2021
I have a mouth full of Anonymous 13/11/2021
Mary Rogers (Faull), 1854. Anonymous 14/11/2021
Jane St Helena Durant nee Lynda Seaton 16/11/2021
You have a list of resources, Torben Retboll 17/11/2021
>The British put ground glass Bill Pollock 17/11/2021
I boxed for Wales in the 1974 Anonymous 18/11/2021
Kia ora. According to this Marguerite 30/11/2021
Te Owai Destiny Foster 01/12/2021
Manu never got her own pair Anonymous 02/12/2021
Didn’t ‘anonymous’ notice S. Davis 02/12/2021
tiriti signing Muaupoko. Anonymous 04/12/2021
Te Tiriti Riria 06/12/2021
My name Lisa Maree Cresswell Lisa Booth 06/12/2021
My name is Raewyn spear was Raewyn spear 06/12/2021
Individual rites have been Lp 09/12/2021
It is incorrect to say there Judy WatersAnonymous 11/12/2021
It is unclear which of two Anonymous 11/12/2021
Angela Ballara’s book Taua. Athol Parkinson 11/12/2021
This is the GRO reference to Anonymous 12/12/2021
This is my paternal Janet Mary Clews CNZM, QSO, JP 12/12/2021
Constance was born 1871 in sarah collins 13/12/2021
I was born in the old Peter Thomas 13/12/2021
Was there in 70-71 at 121 Bill 13/12/2021
Rona, I remember your parents Suzanne Barnes (BLOMQUIST)Anonymous 14/12/2021