The 1940 Centennial

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  • Fletcher Construction's online image library has some excellent photographs of the exhibition's construction.
  • Apirana Ngata biography (DNZB)
  • Joe Heenan biography (DNZB)
  • Eric McCormick biography 
  • 'The arts survive' by Nancy Taylor, The Home Front volume II, Historical Publications Branch, Department Of Internal Affairs, 1986, Wellington, New Zealand. Hosted by the Electronic Text Centre, this chapter looks at the development of New Zealand literature and artistic style during the 1930s and early 1940s.
  • Wellington (Te Ara)

Examples of historic sites related to the 1940 Centennial from the Heritage New Zealand Register:


  • Appendices to the House of Representatives, Department of Industries and Commerce, 1941, H-44, pp. 21–23
  • Bowron, G. 'A brilliant spectacle: the Centennial Exhibition Buildings', in John Wilson (ed.), Zeal and crusade: the Modern Movement in New Zealand, Christchurch, 1997
  • New Zealand Centennial Exhibition 193940: official souvenir catalogue
  • Palethorpe, N.B. Official history of the New Zealand Centennial Exhibition, Wellington, 1939–1940, Wellington, 1940
  • Renwick, W. (ed.), Creating a national spirit: celebrating New Zealand's Centennial, Victoria University Press, Wellington, 2005 (NZETC website)
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