Tangiwai disaster - classroom activities

This page gives a broad outline of how the category on New Zealand disasters could be used by teachers and students of social studies and history. This category explores some of the natural disasters, shipwrecks, train crashes and other tragedies that have caused major loss of life and shocked New Zealand. It includes:

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Social studies

The cause and impact of these disasters is of great relevance to social studies at all levels. At the earliest level of the social sciences curriculum students are asked to explore how the past is important to people and how places in New Zealand are significant for individuals and groups.

Disasters such as these represent one aspect of people’s interaction with their environment and how places influence people and people influence places. Some of the places associated with these disasters have taken on great significance for individuals and groups and their names have become by-words for tragedy.

These significant events from New Zealand’s past have shaped peoples lives and are an ideal way of examining how events have causes and effects.

NCEA history

The impact of these disasters could be used as the context for research-based achievement standards at all levels.

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