Welcome to the classroom blog

Welcome to the new look Classroom. This section of New Zealand History online is a dedicated space for teachers and students of New Zealand history from primary level through to senior secondary.

Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting some of the resources and ideas available from our site that can support your programmes of study as well as highlighting new material that has been developed in the main body of New Zealand History online. Each week the Classroom will feature a new New Zealand history quiz as well as a new Kiwi of the Week and image from New Zealand's past.

This forum allows us to set the scene for the week in New Zealand history or perhaps to link contemporary events with material available in New Zealand History online. For instance with the current Canterbury earthquakes readers might be interested in looking at our disasters timeline as a way of exploring other events from our past where New Zealanders have faced similar crises. Te Ara, the Encyclopedia of New Zealand also provides a vast range of material relating to earthquakes in New Zealand in its natural hazards and disasters section. Our best wishes and thoughts go out to our readers in Canterbury during this time.

The weekly quiz can be used as a great way of either starting or finishing a lesson or bringing the week to an end. It works well as an individual or group activity. Younger classes can complete the quiz as a scavenger hunt perhaps.

The Classroom also aims to bring a number of other sources together in one place for busy teachers including links to other sites of value.

As always we welcome your feedback so please feel free to contact me, Steve Watters: [email protected]

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