Never Forgotten

Tēnā koutou. The start of Term 4 has seen an upsurge in the number of schools visiting the National War Memorial. It has been really pleasing to see so many students visit this site of national significance despite the fact that the Carillon is currently wrapped in 'red tape' - literally - and scaffolding as some remedial work is undertaken. I mentioned earlier this year that we have been busy developing a more structured educational programme at the NWM following on from the excellent work of the curator, Paul Riley who for a number of years has made a visit to the NWM a memorable outing for many schools. At the end of visits we give students an opportunity to reflect on the visit and I thought I would share with you a poem written at the end of her visit to the NWM by Alex Corby of room 7 at Kirkwood Intermediate, Christchurch. Inspired by John McCrae's In Flanders Fields Alex's Never Forgotten is a beautiful piece of original creative writing.


I remember the guns blow
The stars above a hidden glow
Here we lie, the dark surround
The final call, a ringing sound

Few but remember us
Our fight in the blood churned mud,
The war for the land
The twisting rivers

Here we fight
The perilous peaks,
Far away from sunsets reach
The rich blue sky
A memory to abide

In Flanders field
Poppies grow
A swaying breeze
Row on row

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