Topic overviews

Many senior students are in the midst of internal mock exams. I thought it might be worth drawing your attention to a couple of topic overviews that are available in the Classroom. These give you the 'big picture' of the topic concerned before you get down to the finer detail required for your exam preparation. There are also a number of useful activities that can be completed to help you revise for these topics.

As well as this overview you can follow the links from the Related topics page to a number of suggested activities.

This overview is divided into three chronological parts reflecting what I think are three distinct phases that can be used to address this broad survey. Revison activities covering a range of topics including the Musket Wars, pre-1840 contact, the Treaty of Waitangi, Maori leadership and the first Taranaki war are also available.

Similar overviews for Level 2 are in the pipeline. In the meantime there are some teaching and learning ideas that you might want to consider for your Level 2 programme available here.

Teachers looking for some ideas for Conservation Week (12-19 September) might want to follow this link where you can find out more about the theme for the week and a number of teaching and learning ideas.

Finally our best wishes go out to all of those teachers and students in the Canterbury area who are returning to school this week. We hope you are able to quickly get back into something resembling a normal routine as soon as possible.

Hei kona


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