Rock music festivals map 1970-2010

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This map shows the location of most rock music festivals held in New Zealand between 1970-2010. Please email us at [email protected] or leave a communnity contribution below this if you think we have missed something, or you are able to supply more accurate geo-location information.

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What do you know?


Posted: 28 Aug 2016

Yes Joanne, you're right. I played at the Nile River festival in 1994 and still have the poster and t-shirt!


Posted: 20 Jul 2010

The Nile River Music Festival at Charleston went into the early 90's, not 80's. I was at it when my house burnt down on my 21st birthday in 93 thats how I know :)


Posted: 15 Jul 2010

Hi Caren Thanks for this. I've now added Raggamuffin and Soundsplash (2007) to the map and Timeline. The latter has a website that says it was held at Wainui Reserve, Raglan in 2007 and that this was its sixth year. Apparently the first concert was held at the Raglan Town Hall. Can anyone provide more information about where Soundsplash was held 2003-2006 and whether or not 2007 was the final year - or anything else really? From a quick search I've been able to confirm the Kaikoura Roots Festival was held at least in 2003, 2005 and 2006 - can anyone tell us any more about this festival - how long it lasted, the exact venue location/s etc? The main internet sources I could find are CDs made of the bands who played there and this site: Please leave a comment here or email [email protected] if you can help with any of these queries. Cheers, Jamie

Caren Wilton

Posted: 15 Jul 2010

The reggae festivals are Soundsplash in Raglan - defunct now though; Raggamuffin in Rotorua (; and Kaikoura Roots Festival (possibly defunct now too). I also remember going to an odd little women's music festival somewhere in rural Taranaki in the early 80s... must have had a good time because I can't remember where or when! I'll see if I can find any more on that and let you know.


Posted: 14 Jul 2010

Thanks, Kerryn - you are right, we should definitely add these two. Will add them as soon as I can find enough info. cheers, Jamie.

Kerryn Pollack

Posted: 14 Jul 2010

Have you got the reggae/roots festival which has happened in Raglan in recent years? There's also been a similarly-themed festival in Kaikoura.