A shell blast near Cassino, 1944

A shell blast near Cassino, 1944

Devastation as the result of a shell blast near Cassino, March 1944.

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Brian Potter

Posted: 15 Dec 2011

My late father was a Gunner with 4th Field Regiment of 2NZEF at Cassino. He described a 4th Field gun position being hit, and destroyed, by a german shell one night. One of his mates at the gun was killed and the date was 4 March 1944 (by the death record). I spotted this pic sometime back and wondered if this is the gun position.

Judy Print

Posted: 09 Nov 2011

I do not specifically have information related to the information on the page but would like to share some information from my recent visit to Cassino. On the 16th July 2011 I visited Cassino on behalf of my 90 year old Uncle who served with there in the Div Sigs as part of the NZ Scottish Regiment. We were a small family group and our guide was an exceptionally knowledgeable woman who took us through a little back country road to show exactly what action took place where sand which battalions were involved. It was an amazing and humbling experience. I have a diary account and accompanying photos if they would be of interest to any other families of veterans.