HMS Wahine during the First World War

HMS <em>Wahine</em> during the First World War

HMS Wahine as part of the 1st Mine-laying Squadron during the First World War. The dazzle camouflage was not designed to conceal. Instead it broke up the ship’s profile, making it hard for an enemy submarine commander to estimate its size, type and bearing.

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Georges great grandaughter

Posted: 16 Jul 2023

My great grandfather "George Clifford Porter" served on HMS wahine.He was a stoker and I previously read an account in a newspaper article about what I thought was a torpedo hit in 1916 that George Clifford Porter was badly injured in and went on later to die .However on all articles I find his death is put down to "desease" this may be but I think the overall reason was due to the injury he received on the Wahine .Does anybody know how I would find such an article again? Many thanks

Dave Carter

Posted: 14 Feb 2022

Going thru my wifes father stuff we have found a photo album full of photos of the wahine and it's crew from ww1

AnonymousBruce Mai

Posted: 12 May 2017

Trademe has a beautiful painting of the Waihine by WW ( Wally ) Trickett ( Listing #: 1322658975


Posted: 28 Dec 2010

My Grand father served on the Wahine. I am trying to find out information on the ship and his role. Where do I begin? Thank you in anticipation

david stephenson

Posted: 23 Nov 2008

Hello my grandad Herbert Stephenson served on HMS Wahine and was awarded the DSM on 2nd noveember 1917.He was mentioned in dispatches 28th Feb 1917 gazette issue 29947 and ended his naval carreer in 1932 as CEA1 The DSM is 1 of a group of 5 medals.I have the letters from the Admiralty,service records,photographs,and postcards,on my office wall I have a framed panoramic view of the bund shanghai,over 5 feet long,with 4 british ships one being the wahine.