Frankton railway station, 1930s

In the early 20th century some busy stations, such as Frankton Junction (seen here in the 1930s), earned unsavoury reputations as unsafe places for women travelling alone. In the 1910s a women’s group even claimed – rather wildly – that Frankton was the centre of ‘white slave traffic’, in which young women were kidnapped and forced into prostitution.

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Posted: 11 Jul 2009

Hi Coral
Thanks for sending in this memory. There is a biograophy of the 'Coffee and Bun' lady (Catherine Hill) on the DNZB website.
See this biography here

coral gallagher nee williams

Posted: 11 Jul 2009

I have very fond memories of the frankton Railway Station,my mother worked at R&D Bakery on the high st side of the footbridge over the railway and as a child would walk over the bridge passed the station a lot .I remember well a magpai that must have had a nest very close by because we new we had to run fast as we could, just before you came off the bridge cause this b bird would dive bomb you head I also remember Coffee & BUN as we called her this old lady dressed in black quite often hanging around the station