Geological surveying in Antarctica

Bob Miller of the Southern Survey Party taking a noon-sight on New Year's Day.

Geological surveys during Commonwealth TAE

The main goal of the New Zealand party of the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1955-58) was to lay food and fuel depots for the British crossing party. But the ‘ongoing pursuit of scientific knowledge' was also a ‘driving force' behind the expedition and a number of geologists and surveyors were included in the New Zealand party to undertake geological surveys. Three field parties, supported by aircraft, explored 103,600 km² of uncharted Antarctic territory.

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Susanna Ferrar

Posted: 24 Jan 2011

I'd like to find out more about my grandfather's contribution to the geology of both Antarctica and New Zealand. He was HT Ferrar and went with Scott to Antactica on board 'Discovery' in 1901. I've been reading some of his papers in the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge. He died in Karori (Welllington) in 1932. I'd also like to know what artefacts there are of his in the museum there in Christchurch. My mother's parents were founder students at Canterbury university, so they were in the same building! I was surprised not to see something about him in these pages, as New Zealand became his country....