Hoani (Hone) Paraone Tunuiarangi

Born in southern Wairarapa to a Pakeha whaler and Maori mother, Hoani Paraone Tunuiarangi became a chief of Ngati Kahungunu and a volunteer soldier, known in later life as Major Brown. As a young man in the 1860s he acted as a guide and interpreter for the government forces. Appointed as an assessor in the Native Land Court, he spent much time during the 1880s and 1890s presenting his own claims and those of his people. He was also a member of the Kotahitanga (Maori parliament) from 1892. Partly in recognition of his role in the sale of the Wairarapa lakes he accompanied Premier Seddon to Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee celebrations in 1897. While in London he petitioned the British government over reserving, in perpetuity, all remaining Maori land in the colony; this influenced the passing of the Maori Lands Administration Act 1900. Recognised as being among the most influential leaders of Wairarapa and the wider Maori society, he served on many committees and councils, and he was an administrator for the Wairarapa Lake Reserves. In 1901 he established a school near his Pirinoa property. During his time on the Scenery Preservation Commission he published several papers in the Journal of the Polynesian Society on Maori lore and history. It is likely that he particularly influenced the recommendations for reserving pa sites in Wairarapa and Hawke's Bay.

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