Houses for rural Māori

Houses for rural Māori

A house built for a Māori farmer in Reureu (Whanganui District), financed from a state loan advanced for Maori land development in the 1930s. The other image (below) shows his former residence.

Bungalow style house

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Posted: 16 Apr 2009

Kia ora Gina Thanks very much for posting this contribution. I'm sorry to say we don't have any further information or images of the house or farm at this stage, but I'll do some more asking around. It would be great to get a modern image of the house to compare. If you are interested in providing this please email [email protected] Nāku nā Jamie Mackay Web Editor

Gina Melody-Roore

Posted: 10 Apr 2009

Kia ora, This page is of my Kuia and Koroua, Maora & Hiwawa Paurini's farm house still currently situated in the same place, in pretty much near the same state as the photo. The area is Tokorangi, the land is Te Reureu and the farm is known as Kiwitahi! I have just arrived home this evening from being down at the farm all day with a whole lot of whanau from all different generations of Maora and Hiwawa's children. We extended and built a fence from the left rear of the house to around the tree in the right hand corner of the top photo, behind what looks to have been a shed. It would be great to see if you have further photos of the farm as it would be intresting to see what the rest of the farm looked like back in those days, if the tree is still the same tree, and for historical reasons. My Pakeha Grandfather Paul Melody past away a couple of years ago, he was the Local Historian in the Marton - Rangitikei area, I never took the opportunity to ask him if he knew anything of my Maori Whanau's farm, the land and Marae out at the Tokorangi Valley! Please contact me, especially if you have more photos and or information of our farm! Naku iti nei Gina