Loch Long memorial

Plaque on beach with inscription, 'In memory of the crew of the barque Loch Long'


Plaque commemorating the wreck of the Loch Long in 1903 on Chatham Island.


In memory of the crew of the barque
of Glasgow commanded by
Captain James Strachan
wrecked with the loss of
all hands on these islands
in April 1903

New Zealand shipwrecks (2007) says that reports of wreckage from the ship appeared between 23 and 26 August 1903, though it is believed it may have struck rocks around the end of May. The ship had sailed from New Caledonia on 29 April 1903 bound for Clyde with a cargo of nickel ore. The ship was commanded by Captain J. Strachan and had a crew of 24.

In October the government steamer Hinemoa was despatched to search for survivors but all that could be found was wreckage from the ship.

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