Lounge on the Captain Cook immigrant ship

Lounge on the Captain Cook immigrant ship

The corridor lounge on the port side of the Captain Cook. 

The Captain Cook brought assisted immigrants to New Zealand via the Panama Canal from 1952 to 1960.  See Wikipedia entry and community contributions below for more information.

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Posted: 14 Mar 2013

My parents, John and Teresa, sailed on the 'Captain Cook' in October 1957 on assisted passages the day after their postponed wedding! What an adventure for newly weds! They settled in Wellington but only for the minimum 2 years as my mum was terribly homesick and in those days you couldn't just pop home by plane or putting the fare on the 'plastic'. I was born in 1959 and at the age of 6 weeks I left my land of birth on the SS Southern Cross. My parents kept a lot of memorabilia from the ships and shared happy memories of their round the world trip. One day soon I'll make it back to NZ - but by plane as, although by the time we arrived at Southampton I'd spent half my life at sea, I do suffer from sea sickness! Much like the lady my mum told me about who didn't leave her cabin throughout the outward passage to NZ. I hope she did settle in NZ better than my parents as there was no going back!

Patricia Burnett (nee White)

Posted: 13 Mar 2013

I was a small passenger on the TSS Captain Cook which left Glasgow on 9 December 1952 and arrived in New Zealand on 15 January 1953. As I was quite young at the time, I have no personal memories, However my parents (Pam and John White) were able to provide a lot of information. It was the measles which broke out among the children on the boat, but both my brother and I passed a quarantine check on docking - only to go down with the illness a few days later.

Thomas Anderson

Posted: 06 Jan 2013

I came to NZ on the Captain Cook landing in Wellington in November 1958 I gave ballroom dancing lessons during the voyage. I started life in NZ in Tokoroa and moved to Taupo in 1959 and still here after 54 years. Anyone else who was on that voyage please make contact?


Posted: 05 Jan 2013

Pat - the Captain Cook arrived and waited for berth on the 23rd of Sep, 1952 and berthed on the 24th September.


Posted: 11 Sep 2012

Does anyone have the actual date the tss Captain Cook arrived in Wellington in September 1952? I hope to celebrate my arrival here 60 years ago this mionth but I have lost this date. Thanks.


Posted: 10 Sep 2012

My father from Glasgow worked on the Cook for many years and and met my mother on board, I was interested to read the comments re: Curacao as that is where they became engaged although I have never heard that it was as a result of an enforced stay :-)

Brendan Hegerty

Posted: 01 Aug 2012

My Mum and Dad brought me to NZ as Immigrants on the TSS Captain Cook in October 1954. I was 6 years old at the time. I can vividly remember leaving Glasgow and arriving in Wellington before being transhipped to Christchurch and onto Milton where we stayed in a specially built transit camp. Later on Dad gained work as a Carpenter in Dunedin and then onto Christchurch where they lived to the day they died, my Mum in 2008 aged 90 and my Dad in 2009 aged 89. The voyage was exciting for a 6 year old and some memories stick- Panama Canal, flying fish etc. There was a lad in my Dad and My cabin who was a great knitter! never did know where he went.

Nanny Nieraeth

Posted: 11 Jul 2012

Dear Admin, Thanks so much for your information. Do you know if there is a company now having photo's from this ship.


Posted: 17 Jun 2012

I travelled to NZ on the Captain Cook leaving Glasgow in December 1952. I travelled with two friends on a free passage. We came out to Nurse.
There was an outbreak of, I think, Chickenpox amongst the children and the nurses on board were roped in to help. I do remember the quarantine flag was flown as we came into Wellington. We aslso had "A man overboard" on this voyage.


Posted: 17 Jun 2012

Nanny, here is some more information about the ship - looks like it was scrapped in 1960: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~crossroads/letitia/