New Zealand prisoner of war statistics

New Zealand prisoner of war statistics

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This graph shows that the vast majority of New Zealand Army POWs (6897) were captured between April 1941 and September 1942. Of these 1856 were captured in Greece, 2180 in Crete and the remainder in the Western Desert. Approximately a fifth of these were wounded or died in POW camps during this period.

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Rae Staight (nee Tillick)Anonymous

Posted: 30 May 2022

Re posting December 27, 2009 by Arthur Dodd.

I have a photo of your father in law Geoff Amoore taken alongside my father, a fellow POW, Alan John Tillick at Oflag V11B Eichstatt. Others in photo are Bill Goldfinch, Joe Hill and Granville (Rusty) Ruston.

If you care to contact me I am happy to send you a copy

Jo Thompson

Posted: 17 May 2014

I am trying to find out about my Great uncle Ellis Ransley. I got his military records, but it doesn't tell me about his time as a POW in Itay, in world war 2

Pete Anderson

Posted: 09 Jun 2013

I have just found two tape recordings made the earlie 70s Of my uncle, Roy Anderson 2NZEF. Of his 4 years POW Experince
Captured in North Africa and ended up Auschwitz if anybody interested

Arthur Dodd

Posted: 27 Dec 2009

My father in law. Geoffrey Wright Amoore was captured early in the second world war and spent 5 years in German POW Camps. We understand that he was in a camp; "Oflag V11B" Eichstatt Germany and his POW number was POW#267 My wife and I would like to incorporate the area where Dad spent much of the war in a visit to Germany next year. We ask if anyone can throw light onto where the camp is/was, or any information in general, as Dad, like so many others never spoke of the war, POW camp etc.

Peter May

Posted: 26 May 2009

Hi,Sue - you may have already done so,but try his son Martin at [email protected] Gerald Skinner was one of my Skinner cousins


Posted: 19 Apr 2009

Hi Sue For any NZ Second World War solider, inlcuding POWs, the best way to find out about their military experience is to order their personnel file. Here is some more information about how to do this. General information about the POW experience can be found here and, in much more detail, the official history Hope this helps Jamie Mackay

Sue Nicholson

Posted: 19 Apr 2009

Can you please provide me some information about Gerald Skinner, who was a prisoner of WW2 in Italy. He is my uncle and he came back here alive. His brother James Skinner was killed in Egypt. He is now deceased some years ago. Which camp was Gerald Skinner in as POW and would love to have more information during his time as POW in Italy. Thank you Sue Nicholson Niece of Gerald and James Skinner